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FW: Call for Speakers-SEPG Conference in India, Singapore and Tha iland

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  • Boyd Andrew D Maj AFPC/DPDIQA
    ... From: qai [mailto:qai@mantraonline.com] Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 7:37 AM Subject: Call for Speakers-SEPG Conference in India, Singapore and
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      Call for Speakers -SEPG
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      From: qai [mailto:qai@...]
      Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 7:37 AM
      Subject: Call for Speakers-SEPG Conference in India, Singapore and Thailand

      Endorsed by
      Singapore Computer Society, Singapore

      Institute of Systems Science, Singapore
      Software Park, Thailand

      Ministry of IT, Govt. of India

      Supported by
      SPIN Networks of 
      Hyderabad , Bangalore,
      Mumbai and New Delhi

      Co-sponsored by
      Carnegie Mellon
      Center for Information Systems Engineering

        The SEPG Conference


      Call for Speakers

      for  the Singapore Pre-Conference Tutorials 


      for  the Thailand Post-Conference Tutorials 

      "Software Excellence in the e-Economy"

      Singapore Pre-Conference Tutorials: February 14 -16, 2001 

      Bangkok, Thailand Post-Conference Tutorials: February 26 -27, 2001

      Conference at New Delhi: February 22-23, 2001 

      About the Conference

      The SEPG Conferences in USA, Europe and India are highly popular annual offerings that bring together practitioners and thought leaders from industry, academia and government for sharing and exchanging of ideas and learning in the area of software process improvement.

      The theme for the third SEPG Conference in India is "Software Excellence in the e-Economy." The new millennium brings with it the insatiable demand for customer satisfaction. Today, quality, cycle-time reduction and innovation are more important than ever before, for enhancing competitiveness and creating brand equity. Process remains the key to success - the stepping stone to a new era.

      Conference Format

      Singapore Pre-conference Tutorials: February 14 - 16, 2001 

      Bangkok, Thailand Post-Conference Tutorials: February 26 - 27, 2001

      The Full day and half-day tutorials are specifically designed to explore topics in-depth. The other Pre-Conference tutorials venues are New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore *.

      * submissions welcome for the pre-conference tutorials for the other venues

      Conference: February 22-23, 2001

      Eminent experts and thought-leaders will provide the Keynote Presentations followed by an interactive Q &A session. Conference days include a full agenda of invited papers and Best Practice Sessions.

      Call for Speakers

      Suggested Areas for the Pre-Conference Tutorials 

      Submissions could relate to the following subject areas but not limited to those below.

      Models and Frameworks: A basic definition of process attributes and framework that provides reference points for continuous improvement of the process or organization by reducing variation and improving productivity. (e.g. ISO 9000, CMM, CMMI, Bootstrap and Malcolm Baldridge).

      Process Management: The selection, customization and deployment of processes that build and control the building of a product.

      Customer / User: How companies build and strengthen partnerships, manage risks; perform JAD and prototyping; and use technology to enhance customer/user satisfaction.

      Metrics and Measurement: The tools for determining how to know where your activity should be and when you are there. These include the techniques of baselining, benchmarking and statistical process control.

      Management & People: Managing the I/S function, aligning the I/S with organizational vision, mission, principles, and the effective utilization of people to enhance a productive environment. 

      Technology: Products and services produced by a process, and the methodologies employed for those processes.


      Conference Schedule





      Pre-Conference Tutorials


      Feb 14-16, 2001

      Pre-Conference Tutorials


      Feb 19-21, 2001

      Pre-Conference Tutorials


      Feb 19-21, 2001

      Pre-Conference Tutorials


      Feb 19-21, 2001



      Feb 22-23, 2001

      Post SEPG Conference Tutorials

      Bangkok, Thailand

      Feb 26-27, 2001


      Conference Advisory Board
      Dr. Bill Curtis- TeraQuest Metrics, USA
      Colin Tully- ESPI, UK
      George Winters- CISE, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
      Mark Paulk- Software Engineering Institute, USA 
      Ron Radice- Software Technology Transition, USA
      Roy Ko- HK Productivity Council, Hong Kong
      Richard Zultner- Zultner & Co., USA
      Rom Hiranpruk- Software Park, Thailand
      Michael Song- MSPI, UK 
      Geoff Bowker- Independent Consultant, Australia
      David Zhang- Xian Industrial Promotion Council, China
      Pankaj Jalote- IIT-Kanpur, India
      Tomoo Matsubara- Consultant , Japan
      Robert Firth- Institute of Systems Science, Singapore
      Yeo Lee Cheng- Singapore Computer Society, Singapore
      B.S.Gandhi- SPIN-Hyderabad, India
      Indradeb P. Pal- SPIN-Bangalore, India
      Navyug Mohnot- QAI, India

      Invitation to be a Speaker 

      Tutorials: (Half-day/Full-day)

      Opportunity for subject area experts to share their in-depth expertise with other members of their profession; these should enable participants to apply specific techniques to real-world problems.

      Please submit a three-page summary of your presentation along with the 

      Author Intent form (available at www.qaiindia.com), and biography to: 

      Ajay Batra, QAI India 
      E-mail: conferences@...

      For submission process and dates, see below.


      Key Dates
      • Author Intent Form (with abstract & biography) Latest by December 15, 2000
      • Report/final papers Latest by December 31, 2000
      • Notification of selection as speaker January 15, 2001

      Direct all submissions (by mail, fax or e-mail) to: 
      or for any further inquiry, please contact:

      Vishal Manghani
      Quality Assurance Institute (India) Ltd., 
      1013-14A, Ansal Towers, 38, Nehru Place, 
      New Delhi - 110 019, INDIA. 
      E-mail: vishalm@...
      Fax: +91-11-6218974 
      Tel: +91-11-6220580/6219792 
      URL: www.qaiindia.com

      Want to be an Event Sponsor! 

      Opportunities available, Contact Vishal Manghani


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