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International Colloquium on CMMI® High Maturity Best Practices(HMB HMBP 2010 is a unique forum for exchanging, learning, and accelerating implementation of CMMI® High Maturity best practices. Get insights from industry
May 11, 2010
SPI Model for the UK Healthcare Industry Practitioner Survey I am a PhD researcher from Coventry University, UK. I would like to invite you to participate in the following survey, which is part of my research project
Nov 30, 2009
"Understanding Value": Webinar by Grant Rule Dear Friends, Grant Rule, an international expert on software measurement will present this webinar from London SPIN on 29th October. Interested members may
Ribhu Lavania
Oct 26, 2009
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SEMQ (Software Engineering Measurement & Quality) Hi All, for those interested, SEQM (Software Engineering Measurement & Quality) website has moved to www.semq.eu I hope to provide more
Buglione Luigi
Oct 11, 2009
[ANN] CMMI and Scrum article in Fall 2009 issue of Methods & Tools Methods & Tools has just published in its Fall 2009 issue "Mature Scrum at Systematic". Co-written by Carsten Ruseng Jakobsen and Jeff Sutherland, this
Sep 28, 2009
Request for Subjects for a Study on CMMI Effectiveness I am a master's student in the Management and Systems department of New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies. I am currently seeking
Aug 30, 2009
CMM-Opensource ( Ten10- OPMMI) This is an open Invitation from Ten10. I am GS/Sreedharan working in evolving a Opensource Process Maturity Model- Ten10 to Deliver Opensource IT Services &
May 21, 2009
Results of Survey on Adoption of the Capability Maturity Model Integ A recent survey shows that the adoption, ignorance or rejection rates for the CMMI are similar to the results achieved by a similar survey on Agile approaches.
Jan 27, 2009
Customer Satisfaction and Agile Methods To Whom It May Concern, Because of the significance of the work, and because of demand, I decided to publish the results of my research with VDM Publishing
Nov 7, 2008
IEEE Software - Embedded Software - New Deadline 17. Nov. 2008 The deadline for submissions to this special issue has been extended to 17. Nov. 2008 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + Call
Ebert, Christof
Nov 1, 2008
Re: Head Count and Time Lines for a typical s/w project in Telecom i Hello Promod, I am reproducing Bangalore SPIN benchmarks for LC phases mentioned by you: Requirements analysis: 8% Design: 15% Development: 44% Testing: 19%
    Ribhu Nath Lavania
    Oct 3, 2008
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    Head Count and Time Lines for a typical s/w project in Telecom indus Hello All, Currently I am conducting a survey as a part of my paper presentation. The topic is resource utilisation for IT development across multiple
    Oct 2, 2008
    Some Thoughts on Productivity in ICT Projects Hi All, if somebody could be interested, an update for a white paper entitled "Some Thoughts on Productivity in ICT Projects" is available at:
    Buglione Luigi
    Jul 25, 2008
    Distributed Software Development... Hey, I am a Master's student and am conducting a survey on collaborative tools used in a distributed software development environment.   I need some help and
      Louise Halsall
      Jul 8, 2008
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      IEEE Software Call for Papers: SW Development for Embedded Systems ********************************************************************* * Call for Articles * * IEEE Software
      Ebert, Christof
      Jun 15, 2008
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      Re: SPI job titles? QA Manager or QA Managing Lead can be the best designations...as mentioned by shrikant..if you involve in other quality standards for eg, e-SCM or Tick IT,
      Prem Anand
      Jun 5, 2008
      Re: SPI job titles? How about "Process Manager" or "Manager - Process" - CMMI (but tomorrow if there is some other model to be considered for implementation in the organization,
      Shrikant Chondhikar
      Jun 4, 2008
      Re: SPI job titles? Hi Ant, Process Improvements lead to better Quality Hence QA Lead or Quality Lead can be considered Alternately, if CMMI L3 is the core KRA - it can also be
      Mathi Ezhil Arasu
      Jun 4, 2008
      Re: SPI job titles? Hi Ant, I like : Continuous Improvement Lead Makes it more generic and adds the impression of a larger scope. Paul http://spistuff.blogspot.com/
      Paul Laberge
      Jun 4, 2008
      SPI job titles? Hi all, I'm being asked to lead SPI to get to CMMI level 3 over a number of years. We're struggling to think of a valid job title, I'm thinking 'Process
      Ant Grinyer
      Jun 4, 2008
      Assessing Customer Satisfaction and Agile Project Management - PhD D Please distribute this email. Data on both agile and plan-driven projects are welcome. To Whom It May Concern, My name is Donald Buresh, and I am a Ph.D.
      May 5, 2008
      Free Workshop on multimodel process improvement Hi, Just wanted to let folks know about this upcoming workshop: Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute and Lockheed-Martin to Present Process
      Apr 10, 2008
      Re: Lines of code Thank you, yes this definitely helps My life is a bit easier because most of our code is VB 6.0 and within our development team we can agree on one definition
      Apr 5, 2008
      Re: Lines of code Ansar, I think Arindam's answer is very useful, but I would caution you on two points: 1) industry aggregate numbers are often misleading; and 2) when
      Jim McCurley
      Apr 4, 2008
      Re: Lines of code / per month Many thanks for your responses! I though the FP was as old method and not that much in use today but I am realizing that it is still quite popular Need to
      Apr 4, 2008
      Re: Lines of code / per month Ansar, I would recommend Function Points per month as a 'manageable' productivity measure to add precision to your comments. This value has a pretty large
      Paul Laberge
      Apr 4, 2008
      Re: Lines of code / per month Ansar, Productivity should be calculated as the amount of effort that a developer or a tester puts in his work. I would recommend productivity = Size/Actual
      arindam banerjee
      Apr 3, 2008
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      Lines of code / per month Dear All Are you aware of any decent study which gives an estimate of productivity, for example, I was reading a vendor brochure and they have quoted that one
      Apr 3, 2008
      where can we find spi tools ? hi.. I dont think there are enough tools available for software process improvement like other topics.. where can we find software proess improvement tools
      Mar 30, 2008
      Productivity in ICT projects Hello Folks, when estimating a software project, the first practice in CMMI PP is to determine the scope of the project (SP1.1). And this scope will include
      Buglione Luigi
      Mar 19, 2008
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