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Re: [speedwaybikes] Speedway on cement ?

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  • Teamcoyote@aol.com
    Rudy, You might want to talk to Billy Janeiro ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2000
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      You might want to talk to Billy Janeiro, Mike Faria, AJ Jones or Matt King
      they raced at the Cow Palace indoor race last year during the A&A reunion
      along with the Dirt Trackers.  They were using regular speedway tires from
      what noticed.  It looked like a tuff ride also.  

      Ted Taylor also had some indoors in Orland in the past and he raced his
      Speedway bike and smoked everyone.  He said a lot of Clorox on the tires
      helped him.

      Hope that helps,
      Team Coyote

      In a message dated 11/30/2000 8:55:30 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      speedwayracer@... writes:

      Hi All;

      Inquiring minds (well me anyway) want to know:

      Has anyone raced speedway on cement (and I dont mean an unpreped track).
      What kind of tires do you use? Do you still get sideways like on dirt? How
      was the track? I may have an idea for when it rains.....


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