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  • flyingfrog27
    ... tight rope. Even when it s done perfectly only a few riders can take advantage of it (very few).
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1 8:30 AM
          >>>>Getting the track to work like it did on Dan Nay Night is like walking a
      tight rope.
      Even when it's done perfectly only a few riders can take advantage of it (very few). <<<<
             Brad that's what makes it so exciting ,few guys
       who do something different ,riding different line than
      anyone else.Watching a bunch of guys hugging the pipe
      all the time is boring.
              I'm not sure about only very few riders taking
      advantage of it though ;in Owego even our teenage sensation Cam Rafferty is not affraid to ride outside line and he's relatively inexperienced rider.
              >>>> Later in the night they wisely ignore
      the deep stuff because the cheesy 8mm knob works best on the smoothest,shortest and safest inside groove.<<<<
              In Owego we have quite few unwise riders
      who are flyyyyin' in this deep stuff all night long on
      their "cheese 8mm knob".
      >>>>Obviously the answer is in a deeper tread and harder compound
      which would
      favor the outside line, but these tires are not readily available.<<<<
               How about Pirellis ,they're both deeper and harder?

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