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Fast Fridays Speedway, Auburn, CA - June 30, 2000

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  • Gary Roberts
    Fast Fridays Speedway, Auburn, CA - June 30, 2000 A very large crowd were well entertained at Fast Fridays at Auburn, with more great racing. I was surprised
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      Fast Fridays Speedway, Auburn, CA – June 30, 2000


      A very large crowd were well entertained at Fast Fridays at Auburn, with more great racing. I was surprised to see a larger field of first division riders than last week, on this the July 4 weekend. Josh Larsen, Charlie Venegas and Ryan Fisher made the journey up from LA.

      The evening also included sidecar races, peewees and the annual clockwise Speedway race, won by Robert Curry with a speed slower than most third division races .


      Scratch Main

      1. Bart Bast

      2. Charlie Venegas

      3. Josh Larsen

      4. Bobby Hedden

      The first scratch semi final was as good as any main event. Josh Larsen and Bobby Hedden took the qualifying places from Mike Faria and Billy Janniro. Josh made the gate, with Billy Janniro close behind, followed by Faria and Hedden. Billy tried to get around Josh on the outside, overslid and went down. The battle then became for the second qualifying place, which Hedden took from Faria by a wheel length. After a semi final such as that, the main even could only be an anticlimax.

      But the scratch main was another great race. Josh Larsen appeared to have the gate, then Charlie Venegas came up on the outside, and somehow Bart Bast appeared in front. Top Northern California points scorer so far this season, Bobby Hedden was left with fourth place. Charlie and Josh battled it out for four laps, behind Bart, with Charlie eventually taking the second place.


      Scratch Consi

      1. Mike Faria

      2. Billy Janniro

      3. Chad Felicio

      4. Bob Hicks


      Handicap Main

      1. Bobby Hedden

      2. Mike Faria

      3. Ryan Fisher

      4. Josh Larsen

      5. Billy Janniro

      6. Robert Curry

      Early leader Robert Curry lost his place first to Bobby Hedden, then Mike Faria and the rest of the freight train went past him.


      Handicap Consi

      1. Bart Bast

      2. Ivan Sevart

      3. Paul Orlandi

      4. Matt King

      5. Don Webster

      Charlie Venegas also qualified, but was a non-starter. Ivan Sevart looked quite at home in his second evening in first division.


      Div 2 Main

      1. Eric Carillo

      2. Ivan Sevart

      3. Tom Adams

      4. Vince Bertolucci

      5. Jon Curry

      6. Mike Browne

      This evening marked the transfer from Junior Speedway bikes to 500s, for Eric Carillo and Chris Kerr. Eric rode junior Speedway for about 5 years, won the US Junior National last year and was second to Ryan Fisher the year before. His first evening on a 500 showed how easy it was for him, winning the main by half a lap. Chris’s first night was not as easy. He lead his heat until the exit of turn 4, where he did a quick 360 before going into the wall. I will be surprised if Eric is not in Division one within a month. Chris, like Jon Curry still makes small mistakes, but has many years of experience from riding Junior Speedway, more than many of their Division two competitors.

      The main message I see from all of this is understanding the importance of the Junior Speedway program. Fisher, Janniro, Bast, the Heddens, Larsen, the list goes on. With Eric Carillo heading the list this year, Bryan Yarrow coming along next year, American Speedway has a lot to look forward to.


      Div 2 Consi

      1. Matt Browne

      2. Marvin Sonnier

      3. Craig Boone

      4. George Snodgrass

      5. Harlan Bast Snr.

      6. Shawn Eldridge

      Craig Boone lead this race until hitting the wall 40 yards before the end.


      Div 3 Main

      1. Robert Mellor

      2. Billy Hiles

      3. Kelly McBain

      4. Ron Woodsford

      5. Greg Hooten

      Also in this race were Dave and Bruce Baker and Dave Quick.


      Div 3 Consi

      1. Gary Hubbert

      2. Chris Orlandi

      3. Eric Ryan

      4. Geno Bellino

      5. Mike Hooten

      6. Dino Blankenbiller

      7. Devon Devreece

      8. Kevin Ferreira


      Junior Div 1

      1. Bryan Yarrow

      2. JJ Martynse

      3. Greg Hooten Jnr.

      4. JT Mabry


      Junior Div 2.

      1. Mark Carillo

      2. TJ Fowler

      3. Brenton Bast

      4. Danny Easley

      5. Alex Marcucci

      6. Chris Olney


      Junior Div 3

      1. Bruce Bast

      2. Tom Fehrman

      3. Jeff Butler

      4. Jay Ricketts

      5. Pete King

      6. Tori Hubbert


      Next week sees the return of 97 World Champion and 98 AMA National Champion, Greg Hancock.


      Gary Roberts – groberts@...

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