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FW: [speedwayweb] Exeter Falcons 64 Swindon Robins 26 OUCH !!! me no like.........

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  • Jeff Povey
    Hi Guys, Here ya go - As a Swindon Fan - NOT what I wanted to see today , Bank Holiday Monday :-O(( Regards, Jeff ... From: Tina Blackmore
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      Hi Guys,
      Here ya go - As a Swindon Fan - NOT what I wanted to see today , Bank Holiday Monday :-O((
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      From: Tina Blackmore [mailto:patina@...]
      Sent: 01 May 2000 16:25
      To: speedwayweb; Speedway e-groups
      Subject: [speedwayweb] Exeter Falcons 64 Swindon Robins 26

      Exeter  64

      Mark Simmonds        2*    3    3    3    2*    2*R/R        14+3
      Roger Lobb                3     2*   1    2*          2*R/R        10+3
      Graeme Gordon        R/R
      Seemond Stephens   3    3     3    1*           3R/R        13+1
      Michael Coles            3     3     2*   2*    3                     14+1
      Chris Harris                3     1     3     2            2*R/R      11+1
      Bobby Eldridge          1     1     0     -                                2

      Swindon  26

      Mark Burrows (G)        0    1    1                                        2
      Martin Dixon                 1    0    3     0      -T/S
      Claus Kristensen          0    0    1     1*
      Paul Fry                         1    2     0     3     1    2T/S
      Neil Collins                    2    1     1     1     0    2*T/S
      Oliver Allen                    2     0    0
      Mark Steel                     0     -     0R/R

      Ref:  R Perks

      Headline should have read:
      Swindon takes first 5-1 against the Falcons this season at the CG!! and
      Stephens' first defeat by visiting rider.
      2 firsts going to Swindon, but that was as far as it got.

      A glorious warm sunny day and a very good size crowd.  Nice to see a lot of
      Swindon supporters here.

      I think most of the Exeter fans went to this meeting expecting a close
      battle, however we witnessed yet another whitewash of the opposition, well
      actually there was no opposition!  There was a couple of good races and the
      first 5-1 scored against Exeter at the CG this season, but in all it was
      rather boring.  Are the Falcons really that good at home?!?

      The track was watered by hosepipes throughout the meeting, which kept the
      worst dust down, and it rode very well, according to Colesy, with the
      fastest time of the season being recorded twice.

      1  - Lobb, Simmonds, Dixon, Burrows
      68.6        5-1
      2  - Harris, Allen, Eldridge, Steel
      66.4        4-2    9-3
            Chris recorded the fastest time this season after a blinding race
      miles ahead of the rest.  Steel had engine  problems but did finish the
      3  - Stephens, Simmonds R/R, Fry, Kristensen
      66.5        5-1    14-4
             Simmo had a poor start with Fry gating 2nd.  Simmo charged round
      Fry's outside on the last lap and got so much drive on the second bend we
      all thought he was going to take off!  I reckon he closed his eyes ;o).
      4  - Coles, Collins, Eldridge, Steel EF
      68.4        4-2    18-6
             Colesy won this by a distance.  Steel's engine gave up on the 2nd lap
      when in 3rd.
      5  - Stephens, Harris R/R, Burrows, Dixon
      67.5        5-1    23-7
            The Falcons pair came home miles ahead of the Robins.
      6  - Simmonds, Lobb, Collins, Allen
      66.9        5-1    28-8
             Again the Falcons were streets ahead.  By now it was beginning to get
      7  - Coles, Fry, Harris, Kristensen
      66.4        4-2    32-10
            Harris was a distant 3rd with Kristensen very distant.
      8  - Dixon,  Collins T/S, Lobb, Eldridge
      67.8        1-5    33-15
            Swindon's first win with Collins as sub for Steel.
      9  - Stephens, Lobb R/R, Collins, Allen
      68.3        5-1    38-16
            They had two attempts at starting this heat, as the tapes stuck the
      first time, and when they eventually did go up, Collins stayed behind.  Ref
      called a restart.
      10 - Simmonds, Lobb, Kristensen, Fry
      67.3        5-1    43-17
              Fry got a bad lift at the start and spent the rest of the heat
      11 - Harris, Coles, Burrows, Dixon
      68.2        5-1    48-18
              The Swindon pair was a long way behind.  Harris again fast needing
      no nursing from Coles.
      12 - Stephens R/R, Kristensen, Fry T/S, Eldridge EF
      68.8        3-3    51-21
              Bobby suffered engine failure on 2nd lap when last.
      13 - Simmonds, Coles, Collins, Steel R/R
      68.2        5-1    56-22
      14 - Fry, Harris, Stephens, Dixon T/S
      68.1        3-3    59-25
              Harris overtook Stephens on the 2nd lap and set off after Fry but
      was too far behind to make any difference to the result.  Dixon's chain
      broke on 3rd lap.
      15 - Coles, Simmonds, Fry, Collins
      68.7        5-1    64-26

      As the score shows this was always a one-sided affair.

      Colesy started off suffering the effects of Saturday's pile up, however he
      doesn't know if he has actually broken any ribs, or whether they are just
      badly bruised, but as the meeting progressed he felt better and equalled
      Chrissy's fastest time of the season in heat 7 ending with a paid maximum.

      Simmo also had a paid maximum with Stephens on his way to a full maximum
      until his 3rd place in heat 14.  He was not feeling very well earlier on in
      the meeting but this did not reflect in his riding until then.  Heat 14 was
      actually his first defeat by an opposing rider at the CG this year!

      Lobby also had a very good day.  His first bike let him down in his third
      ride, but after a change of bike things looked up again.

      Harris was again on top form.  He has got his engine problems sorted and is
      really flying (at least at home :o) fully living up to last year's

      And Bobby - well he had an off day today, but I am sure he will make up for
      it next week.  He has sofar given us good value for money and is seemingly
      enjoying himself down here.

      As for Swindon, well what can I say.  They would surely have scored several
      more points if Frank Smart had taken an active part instead of watching from
      the sidelines.  Paul Fry was, as expected their top scorer, but he didn't
      seem to have the speed he normally has at Exeter.

      Neil Collins chipped in with 7+1 and that was that.  The rest of the team
      were dismal.

      Buzz Burrows' engine seized on the warm-up laps, and he rode the first heat
      on Dixon's spare bike.  I am not sure whether he stayed on that bike, or he
      had a second bike there.

      Off to catch the rays :o).


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