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  • Gregory
    Speedway Want Ads - For Sale - Wanted www.speedwaybikes.com/forsale.htm I will be sending this page out to the SpeedwayBikes mail List every Sunday If you have
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      Speedway Want Ads - For Sale - Wanted
      I will be sending this page out to the SpeedwayBikes mail List every Sunday

      If you have a listing for this page,
      write or phone me !
      Canadian & USA Speedway
      1460 Applewood Rd.
      Mississauga, Ontario
      CANADA L5E 2M1 E-mail - pgregory@...
      Check out Gary Roberts' book: California Speedway 97. A great gift idea at
      only $15.

      Wanted XR100Rs
      (Jan. 16,'99) Would like to have 1992 or newer, XR100Rs in good condition.
      Please send a picture if available. If you have an XR100 and want
      information on making it faster check out www.xr100.com ENGINES ONLY
      Team Coyote

      1996 Jawa 884 Upright + leathers, boots- California
      ( January 15,'99 ) Leading link front end. NEB clutch. Chrome frame, chrome
      exhaust, chrome muffler. new NJK covers, Pro Design kill switch, Pro Aussie
      anodized push bar. Very clean and fast. $2650
      Almost new set of NJK kevlars (Red/Yellow/Black) Less than 1 season. Fits
      5'10-6'1 150-175 lbs. Daytona boots- Almost new (Red/Size 11) w/ hotshoe.
      All for $600.
      Call 650-566-8241. - Ken Wagner E-mail: ken.wagner@...

      Wanted kevlars (yellow & red colored)
      (Jan. 15,'99) Reasonable price. Phone Jon Curry at (916) 688-5990 or E-mail
      at jawathan@...

      Wanted 884 JAWA
      (Jan. 14,'99) Wanted 884 JAWA speedway bike at reasonable price for NorCal
      junior moving up will consider engine with pipe only at right price.
      Call Mike Browne at 925-941-1016 or e-mail mikeb@...
      "Thank you Kim, this 'for sale page' works great! This is my 3rd ad and I
      have sold or gotten what I was looking for each time and within a day or
      two! Keep up the good work, and having the best Speedway Web Site out there!

      Westlake Mk5
      (Jan. 14,'99) For Sale, Weslake Mk5 short stroke Gary Hicks Motor, Godden
      Frame, sprockets, all spares and everything else you need to go speedway
      racing. Asking $2500.00
      Will Whiteside E-Mail whiteside@...
      Pager (818) 829-9035.


      Mini Junior Speedway bikes $1,800 US
      (Jan. 12,'99) Tim Mathewson - Editor and Publisher of the East Coast
      Speedway Newsletter is beginning a Mini Speedway project using a Honda 160cc
      engine. Click HERE for details.
      The bike pictured at the right is from SG Racing. Click on the bike picture
      for details!

      Wanted: 70's JAWA Speedway bike
      (Jan. 12,'99) 2 valve or 4 valve. Would like a restorable bike or in good
      condition in Southern California area. Also interested in parts. Please
      E-mail: paanma@...

      JAWA Frame and Clutch Wanted
      (Jan. 12,'99) I'm looking for a side port frame. A complete roller
      complete speedway bike without engine) would be great but will consider
      buying parts. So if any one has a set of conventional forks, wheels etc.
      please drop me a line. Also a clutch off an 898 JAWA or newer. Trying to get
      a bike together for my boy. Would appreciate a bargain (on a budget) on a
      used JAWA clutch from someone who has upgraded to a NEB clutch.
      #19 Marty Spellman E-mail :SPELLmkr2@...

      1952 COOPER Mk6 F3 car
      JAP Parts Available
      (Jan. 2,'99) 1952 COOPER Mk6 F3 car with JAP 4B car motor, see it at
      J.A.P parts, new rods, pistons, pushrods, valves, retainers, etc.
      - Rebuilt all new parts 4B head assy
      - Rebuilt, all new parts crank assy 4B.
      Send for descriptive list.
      Also have brand new, never fired GM upright new 97 motor.
      Don Black, e-mail = aeros@... or Fax 810-229 4394 during the day I am
      at 248-488 5600 or lectified mail = black@... ( Michigan )

      JAWA Parts for Sale
      Ross Paradise, OH, 216-627 7274 (mornings only EST) "He has no computer and
      only a rotary phone, but he does have a pile of NOS JAWA bike and motor
      parts, which he wants to sell as a lot, and not piecemeal. The parts are all
      new and for machines of 50s thru 70s, including rare SS1 carb parts. Anyone
      doing rest work could find this to be a goldmine." - posted by Don Black
      (see JAP above)

      Clean Weslake for Sale
      (Dec. 30,'98)
      Mark 5 - motor has a couple of rides on it since being rebuilt . Runs
      great - been a practice bike last 2 years , red plastic , NEB clutch,
      Dellorto carb, Bills pipe muffler, extra hot box, Weslake chassis . Extras
      included : oil , charging lead & car Battery , muffler , handlebars, forks ,
      some plastic , tires. $1800 obo 925/777-9789
      Also available : Blue / White leathers size L (6 ft 175lbs)$100
      Large Blue / White Answer M10 helmet $45
      Dave Booth
      E-mail: dbooth@...

      Wanted junior speedway leathers.
      (Dec. 26,'98)
      8 yr. old 65 pds 4 1/2 - 5ft tall. Also snell approved helmet size adult
      small. This is our first year and appreciate any help!
      E mail ahartt@... or call 530 - 885 - 8658 Northern Cal.


      Speedway Bikes for sale in Oregon
      (Dec. 13,'98)
      - 1990 JAWA 898 new glass, seat and tires. $2500
      - Customized 884 JAWA w/ leading link, like new condition (only 4 division 2
      races) all aluminum anodized gold w/ black & red glass, new tires & seat,
      selling for $3500.00.
      - 888.5 JAWA (1998) short stroke engine, leading link (new style), new
      frame, new everything, first $4800.00 dollars (US) takes, extras include Pro
      Aussie, Renthal, blue and yellow colors, and stand. ( see photo )
      Also, I have the largest inventory of parts and pieces for JAWA speedway
      bikes in Oregon and Washington.
      Sponsor of: Mike Ellis, Ricky Ellis, Trevor Reynolds. David Darst, Pat
      Hafey, and 'SMOKIN' Joe Hovanic.
      1420 S.W. 19th Court
      Gresham, Oregon 97080
      phone & fax (503)666-2342
      E-mail: LELONG@...

      Wenn Weslake for Sale
      (November 23,'98) Excellent condition, short stroke -- $1800
      Contact Jim at arl4368@...

      Wanted: Quality studded ice tire covers
      (November 22,'98) To fit 18-21 in tires studded with ice screws. E-mail: Al
      Davis aldavis@...

      Leathers for Sale
      (November 17,'98) Gary Hesmer has a set of speedway leathers for sale. 5'6"
      to 5'8", one piece. White jacket with blue stripes, red pants. $240
      Canadian, $160 US. Phone: ( 905 ) 855-9583

      Wanted: photo's of American build speedway engines
      (November 12,'98) Dutch speedway machine historian, Benny Ludolphy, is
      looking for information and photo's of American build speedway engines.
      1. Jerry Fairchild Special. This is a JAWA engine with a fuel injection
      system made from Mercedes Benz parts. Dubb 'Dangerous" Ferrell was very
      successful on this machine.
      2. Offenhauser. This was a 4Valve conversion for a JAWA engine made by Ed
      Scheafer chief of Drake engineering. This bike was tested by Scott Autrey.
      3.Hynes special. This engine was made around 1975 in California by
      Expatriate Australian Dave Hynes from Jap and JAWA components. The engine
      uses JAWA flywheels; titanium rods; aluminum alloy cylinder with JAWA sleeve
      and a Hynes special oil pump. The cylinder head is a Jap converted to
      overhead cam.
      Any information is welcome.
      ( Harley Davidson's from 1925 till 1936, Indians, Crocker, Farrand special,
      Jerry Fairchild JAP with laydown engine from 1951, Maely, Arti Nay's blown
      JAWA, Jim Wishmer Half a Hog, Johnny Griffit's Half a Hog )
      Benny Ludolphy.
      Briljantstraat 245.
      9743 NK. Groningen.
      E,Mail = B.LUDOLPHY@...

      1995 JAWA 884.5
      (November 6,'98) Fresh Bill Cody built motor. Valve updates and oil filter.
      Black. Carbon fiber fenders. Clean + Straight. Excellent condition. Dealer
      ridden and maintained. 1996 Div 2 Auburn points leader. Nor-Cal Div 1 16th
      in points 1997. Dixon Division One Main Event winner. Not raced in 1998.
      This bike is race ready for 1999! I don't want to sell this bike! But I must
      to pay for a race car. $4,000. Extra parts available (handlebars, pegs,
      discs, fenders, covers, etc.) at wholesale to the buyer. I was a JAWA
      dealer. Everything goes! Will deliver to California.
      Frank Crane #49
      Web site: www.toyracing.com
      TOY RACING - Racing Collectibles
      5305 55th Av. N.E.
      Salem,OR 97305
      (503) 390-2669


      NEW - Junior Speedway Bikes - Sweden
      (November 1,'98)
      Approx. $3000 US$.
      Brand new 125cc engine made in China ( Honda copy ), all new components.
      Click photo for phone numbers.
      Brian Speedway Parts
      Argongatan 62
      703 74 OREBRO Sweden
      Telefon: 019-25 28 00
      070-562 01 26 Mobil


      NEW - Junior Speedway Bikes - Holland
      (November 5,'98) Here in Holland they have also a competition in the 125cc
      Junior bikes. These shop build the bikes by them themselves and they use a
      Kawasaki 125 cc engine . You can also see some pictures on my homepage. The
      page is in Dutch language the address of the shop is:
      H. Slager Hoofdweg
      62 Slochteren Netherlands
      TEL:(+31)598-421634 FAX:(+31)598-421808

      For Sale - 884 JAWA - New York
      (October 7,'98) I am looking to sell my 884 JAWA. I would consider it to be
      very clean and plenty fast! If you know of anyone looking for a bike, please
      give them my number.
      Matt Otto (716) 454 7058 E-mail: spdway@...

      3 Speedway Bikes for sale - Canada
      (October 6,'98) Patrick Ahlund in Montreal has for sale:

      - GM LAYDOWN - NEB clutch, leading link, corilla rod, Omega piston, $5000
      ($3250 US). Placed 5th in 1998 Quebec Championships.
      - 898 JAWA - JAWA chrome frame with roller neck bearings, standard forks,
      NEB clutch, blue fiberglass for $2500 Canadian ($1650 US)
      - GM LT Motor - Includes exhaust header and ignition box $850 Canadian ($560

      - Claude's GM LTA engine, PG frame, standard forks, NEB clutch, new red +
      black fenders and seat. $2800 Canadian, ($1850 US)

      Open trailer for 2 - 3 bikes $350 Canadian ($230 US)
      Phone (819) 823-0897
      1495 Mont Marte, Rock Forest, Quebec J1N 3W8
      E-mail: sonab66@...
      Web Page: Sonab LoudSpeakers

      Laydown Engine Wanted
      (Oct. 6,'98)
      Wanted, Wanted, Wanted: Late model JAWA laydown engine only. It can be
      either the 884.5 regular stroke or the new 888.5 short stroke engine. A
      carburetor is not required, but an exhaust pipe would be nice. Will pay
      reasonable price for a good engine.(blown ups OK)
      Also wanted: spare rear aluminum wheels with universal hubs (stainless
      spokes?) and always looking for spare rear sprockets.
      Chris Hesmer E-mail: chesmer@...

      GM Motor for Sale
      (Oct. 1,'98)
      Page with engine photos. - Don Black. E-mail aeros@...

      for sale: 1980's 2 valve JAWA
      (Sept. 23,'98)
      I am just starting speedway and need a boot and steel shoe my size is 9-10.
      I am 14 years old and just got a bike and I'm looking to save money where
      ever I can. Please contact me at caliblack@... or spellmkr2@...

      for sale: 1980's 2 valve JAWA
      (Sept. 16,'98)
      Great Entry Bike $1200.00 Canadian
      Ridden this year in Paris - great shape - race ready
      contact Leszek Rybak @ (519) 742-8773
      or e-mail Darius Rybak @ drybak@...

      Boots, Shoe, and Leathers Wanted
      (Sept. 2,'98)
      15 year open class desert racer looking for entry level speedway set-up.
      Need leathers, boots, and hot shoe.... ( 6'1" 165 Lbs with size 10 MX boot )
      in ready to race condition.
      In the So. Cal. LA area. E-mail: Steve Carlson

      Bikes and Parts Wanted - Missoula, MT
      (Aug. 1,'98)
      I am looking for used speedway bikes and parts-- any condition. Contact
      Brendan at arl4368@... or phone 406-726-4368

      Buy / Sell / Trade Speedway Videos
      (Aug. 1,'98)
      Larry Strange in Indiana has an extensive collection of Speedway Videos. He
      is interested in trading. E-mail Larry at: lstrange@...

      Speedway bike for sale
      Jackson Rotax 4 Studs J.A.P.- race ready 3500$ (US dollars)
      (July 29,'98)
      Phone Mark Kehoe: (705) 645-6493 or (705) 645-9313

      Wanted: Second hand Speedway Leathers and boots
      (May 26,'98)
      E-mail Alan at: ADHICKSON@...

      Trade Sports Collectibles for Speedway Bike
      (May 25,'98)
      I would like to trade my sports collectibles for a good descent beginner's
      speedway bike.I love the sport and want to get started in it.I have
      thousands of cards ranging from commons to Reggie Jacksons rookie with
      autographed ball, many autographs, and other sports cards.Book value is
      probably around $2,000.00 but I will trade for a bike valued at 1,000 -1200
      dollars. I live in south Orange County ,CA.
      E-mail Gary at: garstir99@...

      3 Speedway Bikes for sale - California
      (May 15,'98) Godden Max in Godden Wigg Frame/NEB/Talon $2000.
      GM in PJ Frame $1700.
      SOLD! Weslake in Godden Frame $1200.SOLD!
      All race ready & in excellent condition.
      John Edwards phone/fax 562-867-9930.
      E-Mail:- 105273.625@...
      Gary Roberts says: "John is one of my best mates. He is going back to the UK
      to live. All his bikes are in tip top condition, practically as new. I have
      ridden all of them. I bought his 898. I think he is underpricing them, but
      he thinks that the demand is down since laydowns were introduced. "

      ESO Wanted for Restoration
      (April 25,'98) From: Bob Allen matchbox@...
      Wanted: ESO speedway that I can restore for my collection.
      Check out my web site Matchbox Vintage Racing & Restorations

      J.A.P. Parts Wanted
      (April 25,'98) Sean Murphy is looking for JAP spares and spare engines.
      Currently I need an exhaust rocker arm for a OHV engine possibly 1935 but,
      most from that era should work. rear cover for pilgrim oil pump, pushrods
      and so on. (w) 408 942-5595 (h) 408 251-0335. e-mail sean.m@...

      897's and 2 Valve Jawas for Sale - East USA
      (April 12,'98) I have three 897 Jawas for sale from $1800 to $1900 US. A
      case of Castrol R40 is included with each 897!
      I also have a 2 valve JAWA to sell. Original banana seat, chrome rear
      fender, chrome tank, race ready $800 US
      Also have a JAWA Longtrack 896, and a HAGON longtrack rolling chassis with 2
      speed gearbox.
      Phone: 810 791-0617 Mark Engel e-mail: ACTONUP1@...

      Speedway bike trailer - Toronto
      ( April 2,'98 ) Covered Speedway bike trailer , Red + White ( holds up to 5
      bikes ) $1000
      Call Jim Hesmer 905-278-8227 ( Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA )

      Wanted - Godden Parts
      (March 21,'98) Wanted, any and all useable spares relating to Godden motors
      and frames. Call Dick Weidenkeller at (503) 235-9373 ( Portland, OR.) or
      e-mail Marty Spellman at SPELLmkr2@...

      Wanted - 250cc Junior Speedway bike + leathers
      (March 13,'98) Mike Brown ( California rider from 1980-89 ), placed an ad
      here (Feb. 28) for a 500cc Weslake motor, and says: "I got the engine! This
      want ads section is just great!" He wants to teach his son to ride speedway,
      and needs a 250cc engine to complete a starter bike, and is looking for a
      JAWA or a Weslake. He also needs a used set of leathers for his son ( 5'
      10", 155lbs.)
      E-mail: mikeb@... or Work Phone: (510) 941-1016

      Mark 4 Weslake for sale
      (March 10'98) Lance Maddux has a Mark 4 Weslake for sale. Recently rebuilt
      The bike is in Nor. Cal. $1500 o.b.o (530)-343-6437.
      E-mail: lmaddux@...

      (Feb. 1,'98) Write Tracfam1@... for speedway tapes from Europe in
      North American format.

      ( Jan. 16,'98 ) Wanted: 2 Valve JAWA motor, any condition. Contact: Charles
      Southgate, Inglewood Machine & Cycle Co., 3255 Gallatin Road, Nashville,
      Tennessee. 37216. Shop Phone: 615 226-6772, Res. 615 868-1736


      (Jan.1,'98) Wanted: Speedway bike for beginner. Have 1985 rz350 to trade. I
      want to race in Paris, Ont. in 98' .
      E-mail: David Wade dwade@...


      (Jan.1,'98)Wanted Honda Mini Trail 50 , 70 any year or condition. Parts
      needed also, head and tail lights, handle bars etc. I do have other bikes to
      From: Team Coyote California Speedway Rider Eric "COYOTE' Carrillo

      Canada + USA Speedway:
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