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[Speed Solving Rubik's Cube] Re: Cubing Pains...

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  • buddyleeboy
    I know that cubing won t cause arthritis; that it will only worsen the pain if you already have it. That s why it scares me. I get pain in the joints after I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2002
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      I know that cubing won't cause arthritis; that it will only worsen
      the pain if you already have it. That's why it scares me. I get pain
      in the joints after I cube for awhile. I'm wondering if completely
      normal, arthritis-free people feel knuckle pain after cubing for
      awhile. If you don't... then there's prob something wrong with me
      that I should get checked out. Thanks for the help!


      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@y..., "DanG" <dgosbee@s...> wrote:
      > my 2 cents on cube pain.....
      > cubing for years and having performed approx a few hundred thousand
      solves and being in my forites i must say..
      > my hands ,knuckles,wrist hurt like heck after cubing for long
      periods of time.........
      > an example of extreme pain would be from last years demo in Chicago
      where i cubed 1074 times in 30 hours......
      > They basically had to take me to the airport once i was done as i
      could not move my hands or wrists...they totalled locked up..i blew
      them out....death grip so to speak....
      > So i have had to switch to plan B when i cube to avoid pain.......
      > yes its a serious thing and you can get after effects from it
      however long term problems like arthritis etc are usually "Caused" by
      some other means and not by cubing along...Cubing would only add to
      the problem if a person had arthritis....
      > danG
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      > Subject: [Speed Solving Rubik's Cube] Re: Cubing Pains...
      > People might joke about 'Rubik's wrist' but I really think it
      > be taken seriously (I think I mentioned this in a posting a while
      > ago). It is totally possible to develop RSI from too much cubing
      > RSI is BAD NEWS!! I know cubing is fun and addictive but it's not
      > worth your health.
      > A few symptoms would include burning sensation, tingling in the
      > fingers, aching (but different to the general sort of ache one
      > feel after a long day), throbbing.
      > All the safety warnings that go with computer use should apply to
      > cubing. I'm guessing that many of us have jobs where we use
      > all day (I know I do), and then to spend hours cubing each day --
      > it's an awful lot of strain on the wrists.
      > I don't cube for hours at a time, I don't cube every single day
      > if at any point my wrists or fingers start feeling anything
      > abnormal I stop cubing and don't touch it again for at least 12-
      > hrs. I also have non-cube periods where I don't cube for weeks or
      > even months at a time.
      > I have several friends who've had serious RSI problems (not from
      > cubing though) and it's really BAD NEWS. It's also made me
      > particularly aware of the these sorts of problems. So, PLEASE,
      > everybody -- look after your wrists and yourselves!!
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