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Re: [Speed cubing group] Re: Cube Cheaters

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  • Tyson Mao
    Let me clarify. I m quite pissed off right now. I guarantee there will be a significant amount of trash talking in this group. I guarantee a lot of it will
    Message 1 of 48 , Feb 2, 2007
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      Let me clarify.

      I'm quite pissed off right now. I guarantee there will be a
      significant amount of trash talking in this group. I guarantee a lot
      of it will come from me.

      But those who know me know that I am a very rational being. This group
      will also be a forum where we will come up with requests for evidence,
      or simple steps that certain posters can take to restore credibility to
      their name.

      I am not an unreasonable man. If you claim a x-second average, and
      your average time in competition is x + 7 seconds, and your best time
      in competition is x + 1 second, but it was a PLL skip, we're going to
      be suspicious. Honestly, you're better off not posting to begin with.

      This forum will also be a place where we can discuss statistical tests
      to determine who is within range of credibility, and who is not. In
      the future, I'm going to suggest these steps to the world, so you don't
      piss me off. Because otherwise, I'll end up doing something like this.

      1. Don't play 1. d4. I don't know how to respond to it, and I usually
      end up in a really bad position.
      2. If you're a parent and your kid is playing a chess game, don't make
      any gestures. Stand behind the kid, so he can't see you.
      3. Don't lie on speedcubing.com. If you do lie, when you post video
      evidence, include sound. Otherwise, it's too easy for you to speed it
      4. Don't drink and drive. Drunk dialing me, and telling me that
      you've had a beer, five shots of vodka, and are currently driving on
      the highway is the dumbest thing ever. Call me, and I will come pick
      you up so you don't have to drive. If I'm playing a chess game, leave
      a message, and I'll call you back when I'm done. In the meantime,
      drink as much vodka as you want, as you're not driving.
      5. Are you an attractive single female? Stop messing with my head.
      6. Wipe off your hands if they're sweaty and you're about to shake
      hands with someone.

      Here are a list of questions that you shouldn't ask me. In fact, I
      will be printing out index cards with the answers to these questions.
      If you ask me one of these questions, I will hand you a card. If you
      receive a card, don't talk to me for 5 minutes.

      1. OMG! ZOMG! Are you REALLI Tyson Mao?!?
      2. Were the girls really that dumb?
      3. Can you REALLY solve a Rubik's Cube?
      4. How do you solve it blindfolded? (Allowed if you can solve it with
      your eyes open.)
      5. So did you have fun on the show? (If I didn't have fun, I wouldn't
      have done it.)

      A list of things not to say.

      1. I used to be able to solve it in like a minute.
      2. My friend/ex-girlfriend/neighbor/father's uncle's dog's pet hamster
      could solve those things WITHOUT LOOKING in 5 seconds.

      Gosh, the list goes on and on. We'll let this forum be a place where
      you can complain about these statements too.

      Oh, and one more thing not to do.

      1. Solve the Rubik's Cube behind your back in 27 seconds, and then
      speed solve it in front of you in 21 seconds.
      2. Rock back and forth like an idiot while someone scrambles your
      cube, and then speed solve the cube in 21 seconds AFTER solving the
      cube behind your back in 27.


      If any good can come of this, I hope you're all entertained. Because
      I'm quite pissed off, and even though I'm pissed, at least someone
      should benefit from it.


      On Feb 2, 2007, at 12:12 AM, Bob Burton wrote:

      > Count me in, sir.
      > ~ Bob
      > --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, Tyson Mao
      > <tyson.mao@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > All right. That's it. I've had enough of this. It does me no good to
      > > request evidence, or to point out people's inaccuracies about their
      > > claims. I've seriously had enough of this, and since I don't want to
      > > get in the way of anyone's record posting, I'm going to have to do
      > it
      > > this way instead.
      > >
      > > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cubecheaters/
      > >
      > > There you go. Welcome to this group, where you can hear me complain
      > > about everyone out there who lies. You'll need approval to join, so
      > > state your name, and if you have a clean record, and are honest,
      > you'll
      > > get approved. Join the group, and when unofficial dishonest posters
      > > decide to claim that they average blindfolding a 4x4x4 with
      > one-hand in
      > > 15 seconds, this is where you can release your anger.
      > >
      > > That's right. Don't post anything that's ridiculously inconsistent
      > > with your competition times. We'll be talking about you.
      > >
      > > -Tyson
      > >
    • jwoelmer2
      I understand the need to argue in certain forums, but do we have to scare off new cubers? If I had just joined and saw all this junk flying around, there s no
      Message 48 of 48 , Feb 3, 2007
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        I understand the need to argue in certain forums, but do we have to
        scare off new cubers? If I had just joined and saw all this junk
        flying around, there's no way I'd want to stay in this group. Let's
        keep the arguing to the methods, kinda like wat was going around with
        solving 4x4x4 by solving individual 2x2x2 corners. Just something to
        think about.


        --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, Clancy Cochran
        <perscription_death@...> wrote:
        > yes you were rude you're just too thick headed to see it, you think
        that its ok to assert yourself over other people? i've never said i
        was better than anyone at anything, even when i am, i'm just not a
        jerk like that, i don't want to make anyone feel inferior for any reason.
        > and being rude to me i could care less, we obviously don't like each
        other and that's fine by me, but to attack tyson is totally out of
        line, he's done more for cubing than you have dreamed of, and anyone
        should respect the massive amounts of hard work he does to make our
        sport better.
        > i have many witnesses that you openly proclaimed in the rubiks chat
        room you were as good as frank, just another lie if you say you
        didn't. you aren't and never were as good as frank, and if you think
        i'm going to apologize you can dream on, you're a liar, i called you
        on it, and you'd be a bigger man if you would just admit it instead of
        trying to keep on this path of lies. you started attacking people and
        i'm coming to the defense of myself and my friends, against your
        i'm-superior-to-everyone attitude.
        > if you want to continue in private then mail me in private and don't
        respond here, you're not going to bully me around. i still say your
        strong reaction comes from the fact you know you are in the group that
        exaggerate their times, and took personal offense at what he said.
        > if you insult my country of origin again, it just prooves how much
        of a loser you really are, you have no valid arguments to defend your
        crappy performances and attitudes so you attack the country i live in.
        i don't call norway a frozen desolate shithole so maybe you should
        back off, feel free to quit responding whenever you've decided you
        look like a big enough idiot.
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