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  • d_j_salvia
    Apr 1, 2004
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      Hi Tyson,

      If someone feels less pressure at a local and can actually solve
      closer to their ability, I say go for it. If pressure is the issue
      that is, more pressure at the Worlds, less at the locals, then I would
      think that we should encourage less-pressure events so that shy people
      get a fair crack at the records.

      But some people may feel more pressure in a local tourney because
      they're performing in front of their friends and family. Or it may be
      the other way around and a competitor at a local event might not feel
      pushed to do his or her absolute best because there is less competition.

      I think that while some people have a hard time under pressure,
      some people don't, and others actually thrive under pressure. Having
      local, national, and world events allows for all a more even-handed
      chance at records.

      If times are not official the participants may feel let down. I was
      disappointed that Macky got no credit officially in January.

      Personally I think that the April 3 tourney should be official if
      only to give Macky another crack at the records.


      David J

      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, tmao@i... wrote:
      > I've been hit... I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen right
      now but there will be
      > impacts on the summer tournament and any tournament that Chris
      decides to hold. Read
      > below... we're working it out right now.
      > Hi Tyson
      > I have had quite a lot of negative feedback from people who don't
      think that
      > a local event should be allowed to break the records - the pressure of a
      > local event being much less than a world or national event.
      > Not sure what to suggest but think that the record if it gets broken can
      > still be submitted as a new record to rubiks.com, speedcubing.com and
      > Guinness but the "official" fastest time and "official" record
      remain until
      > beaten at National or International level ?
      > Thoughts ?
      > Dave
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