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  • Josef Jelinek
    Dec 1, 2003

      I can answer partially to the square-1 question.
      The square-1 is originally Czech invention (Hrsel & Kopsky
      physicians) and went into production in Czech Republic few years ago
      in really good quality with really good plastic stickers (compared to
      the paper-based stickers of other square-1 products) and the name of
      this puzzle is "Cube 21" (not square-1, but that is the only
      difference). There are two variations of "Cube 21": 6 color and 2
      color (one is silver).
      And the best thing is the price: 200,-CZK ~ $7.4 (I think it could be
      more for international sales...)
      The worst thing would be the postage prices - I do not have
      experience with it.
      Have a look at:

      Hope it helps.



      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, "ferret511"
      <ferret511@y...> wrote:
      > I've been looking into getting a square-1 and or a megaminx,
      > I've never tried these puzzles. Anyway, I know that you can get a
      > square-1 at rubiks.com, but they have been out of stock for months
      > seems, plus they don't even have a megaminx.
      > The only other option that I personally know of is mefferts.com,
      > mefferts doesn't have a square-1 (I don't think). What I wanted to
      > ask you guys is:
      > Is there a reliable place (not ebay) where I can get both of these
      > puzzles?
      > Obviously, tiles are nice, but I got a cube from mefferts with
      > and was disappointed, the tiles were not centered, plus the cube
      > wasn't good. Where do you guys buy your puzzles?
      > Thanks,
      > ferret
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