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7506Re: Rubik's Studio Speed Cube?

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  • j_rueth
    Nov 5, 2003
      A couple years ago i struggled and bounced from cube to cube trying
      to find the best for speedcubing. I used a wonderful puzzler cube
      for the longest time and it was way to loose so that kind of started
      the search. I still think the Rubiks.com cubes are very good for
      speedcubing. They do require the most work to make a decent
      speedcube out of. Breaking in one of those takes a while but when
      it is all nice and smooth, ahhhhhhhhhh. The studio cubes are
      excellent for speedcubing as well, but they seem too soft or
      something. I dunno maybe i'm just to used to other cubes. I do
      like the idea of a DIY speedcube kit from rubiks.com, but half of
      the fun is breaking in the cube. No two speedcubes are the same!

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