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7491[Speed cubing group] Re: Rubik's Studio Speed Cube?

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  • turnthatcube
    Nov 4, 2003
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      I am honered, but Seventows has some ideas to make a new mechanisme
      for speedcubing, also the fact that the handmade prototype fused
      stickers turns very good when new. I conclude that a rubiks.com can
      be a good speedcube in the future, but this is only if they always
      make the tension of the pins the same.

      Maybe a DIY kit of the Rubik's com cube in all it parts might be a
      good idea for now, the only problem is how to insert the pins , you
      need a vice to insert the pins.


      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, "yodamunkey2"
      <yodamunkey1@a...> wrote:
      > "the main question is how much are we willing to pay for a special
      > speedcube version?"
      > Ton
      > >>>>
      > I'm not paying anything! I'm going to Ton's shop instead! Actually
      > will see how my vintage 80's cube fares first. If that doesn't work
      > (whenever it arrives, sheesh) I'll buy one off of Ton.
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