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51Re: 3rd layer in 1-alg & Memorizing algs

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  • slowcuber
    Aug 4, 2000
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      Way I memorize moves is: First learn to quickly
      recognize the position in which a move starts. Then, since
      I have a terrible time visualizing where cubes are
      moving, I forget about that. I first just learn the first
      two turns or so of a move; say it starts R U R' U', I
      just try to remember R, or R U. I do that with all the
      moves. Then as a move turns up again and again, I start
      to try to remember the next several turns, R' U'.
      Usually you can see how the move finishes from the last
      three turns or so.<br><br>I also say the move to myself
      as I am doing it when I am learning a new move, I
      find this really helps me.<br><br>And then eventually
      the move is remembered all in my hands. Your hands
      can remember a surprising amount of moves.<br><br>My
      huge problem is finding the cube pairs quickly in F2L;
      that to me is the biggest challenge with this method.
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