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42664Solving Large Cubes Quickly

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  • kellycoinguy
    Jan 23, 2011
      Hello fellow cube fans!

      I have posted a series of instructional videos at YouTube about how to solve very large cubes (I used a 19x19x19, but the ideas would apply to even cubes too) very rapidly. I'm using the Gabbasoft software.

      My best solve of a 19x19x19 is under 1 hour:53 minutes. The solve shown is around 2:20. I need a faster computer, and the screen grab software slows things down a lot. No excuses, I think 2:20 is a pretty decent time. :-)

      The series starts with this video
      If that link doesn't work, just search for "Solving Large Cubes Quickly" on Youtube.

      Please enjoy and comment if you have even faster methods.

      I'm playing around with the super cube version (with the arrows), and have gotten a little bit stuck on fixing the last face. I end up with this shape in the middle (even cube).

      | <- | -> |
      | | |
      | | | | |
      | V | V |

      Anyone have a move to fix this?

      Also, I have seen pictures like this one:
      around the internet, but I can't find that program. Does someone have a pointer to that program?


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