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42603SV: [Speed cubing group] Geek coupons

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  • Ole Petersen
    Apr 4, 2010
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      why are your name pi?

      --- Den lør 27/3/10 skrev pi3p14159265 <swedishlf@...>:

      Fra: pi3p14159265 <swedishlf@...>
      Emne: [Speed cubing group] Geek coupons
      Til: speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com
      Dato: lørdag 27. marts 2010 04.50


      Anyone near Cornell want free coffee for life?

      "Just bringing a Rubiks Cube to Felicia's Atomic Lounge will get you $1 off your drink. If you can solve it in less than three minutes, the drink is free!"

      http://blogs. abcnews.com/ theworldnewser/ 2010/03/college- town-embraces- braniac-image- with-nerd- discounts. html

      Bruger du Yahoo!?
      Er du træt af spam? Yahoo!Mail har den bedste spambeskyttelse, der findes

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