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42560Re: 3x3 Roux-Stadler Solution

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  • thomasstadler@thurweb.ch
    Dec 2, 2009
      hi athefre,
      thx for the link, now i'see that this idea already exists :-(

      so what are your experiences using 2,5 look last six edges for
      speedcubing (not for fmc)?
      are you place the UL and UR at the bottom before doing CMLL (so its
      necessary to use COLL) ?
      Have you seen that you can also using UF and UB at the buffer position ?
      Has someone written all algs if i would placing DF and DB at DF and DB
      (ignoring exact position and orientation) and then orient all 6
      remaining edges? It would end up with an EO at last.
      What would be the fastest way?

      My average using 2,5 look last six edges is around 18seconds (but i
      think that i could speed up if i could place UR and UL before C...LL
      and if i have learned all last step cases)...

      thx for new (or already existing) ideas

      Thomas Stadler


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