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42520Re: 6x6 OLL parity

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  • Bob or "rj"
    Sep 29, 2009
      I am not fast either, but I confine the parity to one edge group, then fix it once F2L is done so I can see which way to flip the pieces. Ideally, as I solve the edges, I try to arrange having the final edge group (with possible parity) contain U colors. But it is not so important, because I can use the slower "slice" version of 15-move OLL parity algorithm so only the cubies in that edge group get affected. (By the way, I do the PLL parity separately because I never bothered to learn the OLL+PLL algorithm.)

      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, Anthony Hsu <erwaman@...> wrote:
      > Hey,
      > I was just wondering what people do at the end of reduction when they
      > have one edge group left with the OLL parity. Do you do the 15-move OLL
      > parity alg then (and then risk the possibility of having to do it again
      > later) or do you start the the 3x3 solve with the parity still in place
      > and then fix the parity once later? If you wait to fix the parity, the
      > flipped piece could get really annoying if it happens to be part of your
      > cross or 2x2x2 block. Just curious how other people deal with this
      > scenario.
      > -ant
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