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41844Cubing Limit?

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  • finalfantasy2012
    Sep 1, 2008
      Hello to everybody.
      I just recently got the news of the newest 3x3 world record break. 7.08
      seconds. I've been busy lately not really checking up things like this
      for the last few months. But once I had heard of this and how close us
      cubers as a community have gotten to breaking 7 seconds. I then
      wondered is there a point, a cubing time in which we can never surpass?
      Say 6 seconds or less? Just a point where physically no one can break.
      Even if this be 4 seconds, for we will never in my eyes be able to get
      sub 1 second 3x3 times. So where is our limit? It must exist. Any
      thoughts on the matter?
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