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41580Re: [Speed cubing group] Will V-CUBES go out of business?

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  • Shelley Chang
    Jul 1, 2008
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      Ok, so if V-cubes are so cheap to produce, why don't you make some
      yourself and save money?


      That's right.

      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, Bart <banaticus@...> wrote:
      > Who cares, I don't buy their products either. ;) Making a x2 or x3
      > profit, a lot of companies do that. But this is cheap plastic* we're
      > talking about. It's literally extruded from a machine. At $80 a pop,
      > that's got to be like a x1000 markup or something. Maybe only a few
      > hundred times markup and profit, but still, that's a heck of a markup.
      > A company that wants to make that much profit off of me really
      > doesn't deserve my business. So I'm waiting until the price comes
      > down to something approaching reasonable.
      > *Noting that this isn't food grade plastic and doesn't need to be
      > since we aren't trying to store water inside for months on end and
      > that otherwise there isn't a cheap/quality plastic dichotomy, just
      > thick and thin.
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