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41024Re: Statistical analysis of (mostly megaminx) scramblers

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  • d_funny007
    May 2, 2008
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      So you do sticker-cycles for Megaminx BLD as well?

      As for scramble-randomness calculation wishlists... they always grow
      faster than any of us want to code them up. Whenever I read
      something like that - say about 5x5 centers, I get chills down my
      spine and nausea. I wonder if it's just me or do a lot of other
      programmers feel that way. It's like I did it enough while in
      college and at work, that coding drives me crazy even if it's for
      something "fun" like cubing.

      Although, I a couple months ago I was bored enough to write a solver
      program for the Pentultimate. It's a 12-sided puzzle (dodecahedron),
      face-turning down the middle such that each pentagon face has 6
      stickers. Or you can look it up if your curious. I guess I found
      that to be an enjoyable excersize.

      I'd say sticker distribution approach is *okay*. For sufficently
      high trial-length/sample-size it'll still yield very useful results.
      It's just that somehow I find that it's not entirely *ideal* that's

      -Doug (why am i up this late... /early?)

      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, "Stefan Pochmann"
      <stefan.pochmann@...> wrote:
      > Same suggestions as Doug, plus...
      > - I think sticker color distribution is alright. Causes triple-
      > counting of corners, but also triple-right counting. I believe
      > evaluation is fine.
      > - Might be possible to do *exact* computations of averages and
      > standard deviations if you use dynamic programming similar to my
      > scramble analyzer here: http://stefan-
      > tools/
      > - When blindsolving the megaminx (or the 3x3), pieces not at the
      > correct place simply have no "correct/wrong" orientation for me.
      > those at the correct place are obvious. However, you can simply
      > each piece pick any reference orientation you like. Gosh, I wish I
      > had written that article already (it's on my to do list).
      > - I had actually thought about analyzing the 5x5 centers, that's
      > something else I'd like to see. So after N scramble moves, how
      > moves does it take to solve 1) the white center 2) the easiest
      > center. This is something you could do here as well, i.e., analyze
      > the solution length or the position distribution of a group of
      > or stickers. But as mentioned above, I believe single sticker
      > distribution to be fine.
      > Cheers!
      > Stefan
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