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41023Re: Statistical analysis of (mostly megaminx) scramblers

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  • Stefan Pochmann
    May 2, 2008
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      Same suggestions as Doug, plus...

      - I think sticker color distribution is alright. Causes triple-wrong
      counting of corners, but also triple-right counting. I believe this
      evaluation is fine.

      - Might be possible to do *exact* computations of averages and
      standard deviations if you use dynamic programming similar to my 3x3
      scramble analyzer here: http://stefan-pochmann.info/spocc/other_stuff/

      - When blindsolving the megaminx (or the 3x3), pieces not at the
      correct place simply have no "correct/wrong" orientation for me. And
      those at the correct place are obvious. However, you can simply for
      each piece pick any reference orientation you like. Gosh, I wish I
      had written that article already (it's on my to do list).

      - I had actually thought about analyzing the 5x5 centers, that's
      something else I'd like to see. So after N scramble moves, how many
      moves does it take to solve 1) the white center 2) the easiest
      center. This is something you could do here as well, i.e., analyze
      the solution length or the position distribution of a group of pieces
      or stickers. But as mentioned above, I believe single sticker color
      distribution to be fine.

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