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40339Blindfold Method

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  • harsha557
    Mar 1, 2008
      Hi guys,
      I solve the cube around 28s and so i wanted to go into BLD. However
      after looking into it, i found it really hard. i feel that i am weak
      at memorization but i know the algs for the first layer but i cant
      solve the first layer BLD. I am hoping someone can provide me with a
      solution. I started learning from youtube videos(by serusgod i think).
      I first read it from Macky's site but just dint understand it at all.
      Later i tried to continue with the solution on nerparadise.com but i
      just cant seem to get the hang of it. Someone suggested Stefan
      Pochmann's site. I have not tried it yet. Anyone please recommend me a
      solution which is easy to memorize and hopefully another method i can
      carry on after i have got the hang of it. Thanks.
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