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  • Arnaud van Galen
    Apr 1, 2007
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      I don't know anyone knows a 25 turn HTM scramble (without obvious cancellations) that result in the solved state again, but I do remember a challenge a year or more old that had a 13 moves one (if memory serves me correct) as a winner. I thought Stefan found it. There were also some longer ones naturally. I am not going to try to find a 25 moves one, but I think that if you search for that thread, you will see that one is extremely likely to exist.

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      From: d_funny007
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      Subject: [Speed cubing group] Re: wow... just........ wow..

      Intuitively this must be the case, and I think it's a assertion that
      everybody here is willing to believe. But this is much easier than
      proving the other things being discussed, all this takes is finding a
      single case. I wouldn't even call it a "proof," just a "example/counter-

      Just entertain me and see if anyone here can find a 25 turn HTM
      scramble that produces the identity/solved state. I'm having a hard
      time finding one. Oh and by "scramble," I am discounting the really
      trivial cancellations and such.

      > Whoa! There are positions not reachable in 25 turns? Proof please!
      > Cheers!
      > Stefan

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