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  • ilovemycube
    Jun 1, 2002
      Hi friendz,

      Good to see the rising number of members of the club. Welcome!
      Again I invite members to join the chatroom during weekends. Prepare
      your questions, there is always someone to answer them.
      Of course you can also ask them by posting a message.

      I would like to recommend the cube applet at
      It has a decent interface (>2 moves per sec possible) and there is a
      high score list. Krrash did a great job, and added some nifty
      features lately.

      F.i. you can now replay HOW other cubists solved the cubes. Check it
      out at http://www.oinkleburger.com/Cube/Net/turnlists/index.cgi
      Thanks Krrash!

      We were talking about lucky cases, so here is a lucky case I had
      yesterday. You can replay it at:
      After F2L the upper layer was solved! Just try it.

      You can also replay Dr. C's solves of the big cubes. He is the master
      of big cubes and blindfold solving.

      For those cubists desperately looking for suitable algorithms, please
      check out Pejave's site at
      Pejave spent hours and hours looking for the fastest triggers. Thanks

      Last but not least: check out the official site of the World Rubik's
      Games championship at http://www.rubikswc2003.com
      Our friend Gosd123 deserves appreciation for all the things he was
      already able to arrange. The next few weeks will be important,
      because some sponsors are going to decide whether they will help us.
      Thanks Gosd123!

      OK, enough talking. Hope to meet you soon in the chatroom or in real
      life. I will be staying in Barcelona starting June 29. So if any of
      you is there too, please send me a note, so that we can meet.

      Happy cubing!