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3304Re: Megaminx question

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  • Grant Tregay <Grant@Tregay.net>
    Mar 2, 2003
      --- cubacca1972 wrote:
      > What was the color scheme on the 12 color tiled megaminx? I just
      > ordered a megaminx and a set of tiles, and am wondering if there is
      > an official color scheme.

      I don't know about it being an official color scheme, but it's like
      Northern hemisphere = dark colors
      - dark green (U face)
      clockwise around U face:
      - dark blue
      - red
      - brown
      - dark pink
      - purple

      Southern hemisphere = light colors
      - light green (D face - opposite dark green)
      clockwise around D face
      - light blue (opposite dark blue)
      - white
      - yellow
      - orange
      - light pink
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