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3302Re: Megaminx question

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  • Chris Moyer-Grice <christopher.moyergric
    Mar 2, 2003
      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, "Grant Tregay
      <Grant@T...>" <Grant@T...> wrote:
      > > --- Chris Moyer-Grice wrote:
      > > Has anyone else successfully lubed a Mefferts Megaminx? I would
      > > assume it works, I'm just checking :)
      > --- GameOfDeath2 wrote:
      > > Yes and it does. It's a lot smoother. Still no high speed moves
      > > though.
      > I'm sure this depends on how much your puzzle has been used (and
      > therefore how loose it is), but I can perform triggers on my
      > after having lubed it. It's definately not as quick as a cube,
      > though. My megaminx is a couple years old now, and "well-loved" -
      > it's the old 12-color, tiled Mefferts version.

      Thanks- I've had it since christmas and it's pretty used, but not
      really loose. It moved really quick after lubing- almost faster than
      the cube I have that I just lubed on the same day. :)
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