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29431Re: [Speed cubing group] An idea for a new competition format

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  • Ryan Heise
    Jul 1, 2006
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      On Sat, Jul 01, 2006 at 05:53:45PM -0000, Craig Bouchard wrote:
      > I don't think he was talking Cube Cup format,

      I think you missed the part where I said:

      > I "also" like the sound of ... [ another idea ]


      On Sat, Jul 01, 2006 at 06:15:58PM -0000, Gilles Roux wrote:
      > The reason why I think it's a bad idea is that in cubing, you compete
      > against yourself, more than against others, so it's not really a
      > battle. It's very different than races, where there's much more
      > strategy involved.

      Maybe we liked different things about your idea? One of the things I
      really liked was this bit:

      > competitors racing for the same challenge solving at the same time
      > under a common timer.

      Now, it is true, there is a fundamental problem with speedcubing as a
      "sport", which is the element of chance. And it really affects competing
      of both kinds, whether it be competing against yourself, or against
      others. In both cases, chance can make it difficult to tell whether you
      were actually better or worse. It also means speedcubing isn't
      inherently better suited to one form or the other, and really depends on
      what whether the individual thinks is "fun".

      (When I was a student, I found Doom boring, but multiplayer Doom fun :-)

      > Do you like head-to-head with one battle/round, or average/round?

      I think both can be fun. The average/round or best-of-set/round can
      account for chance to some extent, but would also slow things down.

      Another thought is that maybe in the far distant future, speedcubists
      will be so advanced that they will eliminate the element of chance all
      by themselves :-) Supposing everyone is given the same scramble,
      everyone is an expert in the cube and doesn't rely on luck, and everyone
      has the same opportunities to take advantage of.

      Ryan Heise
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