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2068Re: [Speed cubing group] Re: my new cube

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  • Robert Roue
    Dec 1, 2002
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      > The label said Maestro Magic Cube. It was very smooth once I'd lubed
      > it. Not perfectly and evenly smooth all around, but mostly pretty
      > smooth. Also, it was only AUS$11.95 which is cheaper than the Rubik's
      > brand cubes I've seen in Toys 'r' Us and Kmart.
      > I've taken this cube apart yet, but I did remove the centre white
      > cap. Had this weird plasticy thing unlike other cubes I've seen.

      I had one of them cubes! On the packaging it claimed that it's the
      smoothest turning cube ever. It sure was smooth but I found that it
      would lock up sometimes. I used it for a long time without any lube
      and I didn't think much of it. Then I put a little drop of silicone in
      it and WOW! It stopped locking up and it just flew along! The only
      trouble is, I found it too loose. That could be because I'd worn it in
      a bit too much before the lube.

      If you rub the centre stickers, you should find that there is a hole.
      The plasticy thing is like a rivet. I wonder if these are actually
      made my Mefferts.
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