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2066Re: my new cube

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  • jasmine_ellen
    Dec 1, 2002
      The label said Maestro Magic Cube. It was very smooth once I'd lubed
      it. Not perfectly and evenly smooth all around, but mostly pretty
      smooth. Also, it was only AUS$11.95 which is cheaper than the Rubik's
      brand cubes I've seen in Toys 'r' Us and Kmart.

      I've taken this cube apart yet, but I did remove the centre white
      cap. Had this weird plasticy thing unlike other cubes I've seen.

      Apparently a local puzzle store is about to get in some Revenge cubes
      (finally!), but now that I've ordered the Mefferts Xmas pack of cubes
      (which includes a 4x4x4) I will probably just wait for Mefferts.

      Good to hear that the Revenges are making their way to your side of
      the country too! :)


      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@y..., cubed68 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > cool stuff indeed,if a good cube can be found in Australia than
      > sounds real good to me.most of mine come from the USA via ebay and
      > hate dealing that way,total pain some times.
      > my new cube is still a bit stiff but i think it will be good,except
      > when i have to adjust the spring inside,getting te centre caps off
      > look to be a task in itself.trying to get them out without damaging
      > the caps etc may be tricky...plus glueing the stickers back on
      > with "WHAT" kind glue is another problem.
      > i stumbled across the Rubiks Revenge in my local puzzle shop
      > bought it for the heck off it.i`ve heard they are`nt that great
      > although i find the action pretty smooth myself,anyone here got
      > that all for now
      > Peter
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