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  • Craig Bouchard
    Sep 5, 2005
      I got my Clock on Thursday and since then have been practicing a
      lot...IT seems that every time I do solves in my break room at work I
      always break at least 1 PB...i don't know why...but I do...Today I had
      a co-worker's friend(pretty hot to mention) ask me to do a solve for
      her...and let me say that i'm lucky that the timer wouldn't
      start...lol...it sucked!!! Anyways...it was just fluke...and i need to
      learn a new method...


      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, "FD-Rubik"
      <fdrubik@f...> wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > I wanted to share my thoughts about the effect of public
      > cubing.
      > I'm "seriously" into speedcubing since late april (did
      > BLD before). I'm usially averaging between 27 and 31 now,
      > my personal best AVG10 being around 27.5.
      > I'm mostly cubing in the metro, in Paris. This is the place
      > where I make my best times. I'm 100% sure I am sub23 in
      > the metro, where usually 2-3 people are glaring at the
      > cube. I don't need to time myself : I KNOW that my F2L is
      > way faster in the metro. Is that the effect of public
      > cubing ?
      > OK, then I'll talk about my times, in different contexts,
      > in a decreasing order of efficiency.
      > 1. REHEARSAL : I execute the same scrambling over and over.
      > In that case, my times are between 17 and 20, depending
      > on the OLL/PLL case mostly. It means that I lose about
      > 10 secs on recognition. This is my "dexterity time".
      > 2. METRO : I would say between 22 and 25 secs
      > 3. BUS : between 27 and 31
      > 4. TIMING MYSELF W/ NETCUBE : between 27 and 31
      > 5. TAKING VIDEOS : between 23 and 40 (!!!)
      > 6. IN FRONT OF FRIENDS : between 28 and 38 (!!)
      > There's something weird about the difference between "METRO"
      > and "FRIENDS". I came up with this explanation : the parisian
      > METRO is one of the MOST unpersonal place I know. People are
      > never communicating. This is a DEAD place. So maybe, the only
      > thing my brain can do is : "focus on the cube, and do nothing
      > else". And it seems to work.
      > The Bus is more convivial. You know that somebody may ask you
      > questions about cubing. It happens often actually. It seems
      > to disturb my concentration.
      > Then "taking vids" or "timing" : I'm JUDGING MYSELF, so, I'm
      > not 100% focused. Not to talk about friends... then if I run
      > into a difficult case, it can become terrible.
      > My (not so original) conclusion about this is : find a way
      > to focus 100% on your cube, and forget about the environment.
      > For some, it may help to train in their worst "conditions"
      > (i.e. : in public).
      > For others, it may help to change the conditions of
      > performing, just in order to see how one can keep 100% of
      > the concentrations on the moves and the anticipations.
      > My best performances are in front of the DEAD public of the
      > metro ;).
      > I've never attended a competition so far. It might be my
      > worst case scenario. See you in the next french open I hope...
      > --
      > FD.
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