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  • FD-Rubik
    Sep 5, 2005
      Hi there,

      I wanted to share my thoughts about the effect of public

      I'm "seriously" into speedcubing since late april (did
      BLD before). I'm usially averaging between 27 and 31 now,
      my personal best AVG10 being around 27.5.

      I'm mostly cubing in the metro, in Paris. This is the place
      where I make my best times. I'm 100% sure I am sub23 in
      the metro, where usually 2-3 people are glaring at the
      cube. I don't need to time myself : I KNOW that my F2L is
      way faster in the metro. Is that the effect of public
      cubing ?

      OK, then I'll talk about my times, in different contexts,
      in a decreasing order of efficiency.

      1. REHEARSAL : I execute the same scrambling over and over.
      In that case, my times are between 17 and 20, depending
      on the OLL/PLL case mostly. It means that I lose about
      10 secs on recognition. This is my "dexterity time".

      2. METRO : I would say between 22 and 25 secs

      3. BUS : between 27 and 31

      4. TIMING MYSELF W/ NETCUBE : between 27 and 31

      5. TAKING VIDEOS : between 23 and 40 (!!!)

      6. IN FRONT OF FRIENDS : between 28 and 38 (!!)

      There's something weird about the difference between "METRO"
      and "FRIENDS". I came up with this explanation : the parisian
      METRO is one of the MOST unpersonal place I know. People are
      never communicating. This is a DEAD place. So maybe, the only
      thing my brain can do is : "focus on the cube, and do nothing
      else". And it seems to work.

      The Bus is more convivial. You know that somebody may ask you
      questions about cubing. It happens often actually. It seems
      to disturb my concentration.

      Then "taking vids" or "timing" : I'm JUDGING MYSELF, so, I'm
      not 100% focused. Not to talk about friends... then if I run
      into a difficult case, it can become terrible.

      My (not so original) conclusion about this is : find a way
      to focus 100% on your cube, and forget about the environment.
      For some, it may help to train in their worst "conditions"
      (i.e. : in public).
      For others, it may help to change the conditions of
      performing, just in order to see how one can keep 100% of
      the concentrations on the moves and the anticipations.

      My best performances are in front of the DEAD public of the
      metro ;).

      I've never attended a competition so far. It might be my
      worst case scenario. See you in the next french open I hope...
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