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  • Ron van Bruchem
    Sep 1, 2005
      I was sitting at the pool last week, practicing 5x5x5, when the guy next to me said that he could solve 1 face when he was a kid.
      Why don't they see the difference between a 3x3x3 and a 5x5x5? I had to show him a 3x3x3 before he saw the difference. :-)

      Have fun,

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      > they're like "I can do that in 10 seconds" and tons of
      > crap like that. gets annoying. feel like slapping them, but its still
      > school.

      I was quietly cubing in a cafe late the other night and a woman with a
      rather loud voice informed me that
      (1) she loved Rubik's cubes (a good start, I thought)
      (2) she had never actually owned a cube
      (3) she could solve it in 5 seconds.

      It's no use arguing... I just told her that that was a pretty good time.
      There ought to be a special UWR page for these folk. ;)



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