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18346Re: [Speed cubing group] future of the ZB method

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  • Bob Burton
    Aug 1, 2005
      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@yahoogroups.com, cmhardw <no_reply@y...>

      > I agree that maybe with a lot of practice, that ZB could potentially
      > be faster than CFOP (it doesn't seem impossible). However, after
      > seeing Sebastien and Jean on the 3x3 this seems like it would take a
      > lot of practice indeed (at the very least 3 years or so). Maybe then
      > this strategy of using it as a "first two rounds" method is a way to
      > use it when you are in the intermediate stages of learning it? I
      > think I will write something about that in my next entry.

      It almost seems unfair to compare ZB to Fridrich via Sebastien and
      Jean. If you look at the SCC UWR list, their average times for F2L
      are sub-9. Since Fridrich and ZB "share" the first few steps--cross,
      and first three pairs--I would think you could only compare the
      remainder of their solves, instead of comparing entire times. For
      example, I remember seeing that you would like to be within one second
      of the 1st place on the F2L fastest average list. Therefore, would
      you feel a bit more confident in ZB if your ZBF2L was sub-10 seconds?
      Even with a 6-second ZBLL, that would give you a sub-16 average.

      I think that since there is an overlap between the two methods, it
      would give you a better idea of comparison by comparing your speed for
      the ZBF2L alg + ZBLL alg to the speed of a Fridrich 4th pair + OLL +
      PLL. :-)

      Whaddya think?

      ~ Bob
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