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1349Re: [Speed Solving Rubik's Cube] Corners first versus Fridirich

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  • theboywholived81
    Sep 1, 2002
      I know how to do a simple corners first way, but I use the Petrus
      Method for speed solving. My average time is about 50 seconds to a
      --- In speedsolvingrubikscube@y..., "simonl cube" <simonlcube@h...>
      > Welcome to the group! Lots of people average under 30 sec using a
      > first method. There are also lots of people in this group who
      would love to
      > have an avearge of 33 seconds (me for example): that's a great
      time! I am
      > learning the Fridrich method, and average around the 40 second mark.
      > I think that quite a few of the sub-20 people are familiar with
      more than
      > one method, and have quite a large number of algorithms at the
      > Good luck getting your time down!
      > S.
      > >
      > >Hello, I'm new to this site but not to the cube. I was wondering if
      > >anyone was using the corners first method as opposed to the layers
      > >method. I'm stuck at around a 33sec average with the corners first
      > >and have been learning the Fridirich method. I have learned the
      > >for the F2L but can rarely do the just the F2L in under 20sec. I
      > >wondering if anyone here averages sub 30 with corners first ?
      > >
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