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10881Re: [Speed cubing group] sub-20 HELP!?

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  • Raul
    Jun 1, 2004
      Hi Brent,

      I'm not ron, macky, or frank, nor am I a sub-20 cuber, but I've noticed myself when I solve in fast and not so fast times. The times when I do the best I'm in a what I call a 'tense' mood. I usually sit while I cube, and I found that sitting up leads to better results than slouching back (which I thought would lead to me being more relaxed and hence faster, but that's not the case). That may seem like an obvious thing, but in fact everything has to be like that, every aspect of your mood/position (body/mind) has to be saying "READY!" because that's when you are best able to focus and look ahead (and actually find useful information). Usually being tense is something we label as negative, but it has some positive side effects that can enhance solving times.

      Brent Morgan <brentmorganmaster@...> wrote:

      ok, when im solving, like the fast way... i find myself tense, completely focused, and trying hard to get fast times...and do ok. but when i relaxfully do it, its about 2-5 seconds slower. for you other sub-20ers, (ron, macky, frank, many others..), do you relaxfully get the sub-20s or is it tense and fully-focused?


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