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BeSS March monthly report

BeSS report – March 2015 Data compiled by Valérie Desnoux Be projects section by Ernst Pollmann here Observateur Nb spec Leonardi 40 Guarro Fló 21 Lester
valerie desnoux
Apr 25
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Spectrohéliogrammes du 21 Avril + évolution Halpha sur 3 jours

Bonjour à tous, Voici 2 spectrohéliogrammes pris ce jour : l'un Ca II K3 et l'autre pris sur une raie de l'hélium. J'ai pu saisir les prémices de
Jean-Jacques POUPEAU
Apr 21

Spectrohéliogrammes du 19 Avril

Bonjour à tous, Voici quelques spectrohéliogrammes pris aujourd'hui en région parisienne. La transparence du ciel était bonne et malgré le passage des
Jean-Jacques POUPEAU
Apr 19

Re: HD 158643 Be star or not Be star ?

Hey, Hubrig and Castelli discuss 51 Oph in detail in http://fr.arxiv.org/pdf/1204.0652v1 ... They cite: Mora, Merin et al
Wayne Green
Apr 17

Re: HD 158643 Be star or not Be star ?

Hi Olivier, ... Some people in the literature claimed this star is a classical Be star (e.g. in the catalog of Jaschek). However, other people think it is
Coralie Neiner
Apr 16

HD 158643 Be star or not Be star ?

2 days ago, I took a reference star for the nova Oph 2015 (HD 158643 : C Oph, mag. 4,81), I was surprised to find that the H Alpha line was in emission. This
Olivier GARDE
Apr 16

Re: ARAS Eruptive Stars Information Letter #15 March 2015

Bonjour, A la page 22 de la lettre de mars 2015, deux étoiles de référence sont fournies pour l'étude de CH Cygni: une étoile pour les spectres en haute
Apr 12

non-radial pulsations of delta Sco

Dear colleagues, attached you can find a report about observations of non-radial pulsations of delta Sco, performed by Carl Sawicki and me. Comments are very
Apr 12
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ARAS Eruptive Stars Information Letter #15 March 2015

Hi, Large actuality on the very new Eruptive Stars Information Letter 15 compiled by François Teyssier. Many authors contribution. A special focus on Lpvejoy
Christian Buil
Apr 7

Re: ARAS Eruptive Stars Information Letter #15 March 2015

Thank you Olivier, I hope the sky will be clear for you and your group. Waiting for the spectra ! What about Paolo's article ? I think it's great and deserves
Francois Teyssier
Apr 7

Re: ARAS Eruptive Stars Information Letter #15 March 2015

Franτois, This information letter is very usefull and I have all my next targets for spectroscopy cession in OHP next week. Olivier GARDE
Olivier GARDE
Apr 6

ARAS Eruptive Stars Information Letter #15 March 2015

Dear All, Please download the last issue of ARAS Eruptive stars Information letter (# 15, march 2015) (I can’t throw it as an attached piece, because of a
Francois Teyssier
Apr 6

Nova Sgr 2015 #2, 3 spectra profile animation

Recorded spectra on the 27th and 30th of March, and again this morning 04 April. Nothing quantitative, mind you, very coarse, in fact, but a notable increase
Apr 4

Plus que 20 jours !!

Bonjour, Attention : Il ne reste que 20 jours pour s'inscrire au Week-End Technique du Languedoc Roussillon (voir plus bas). Après il sera
Henri-Claude MASSON
Apr 4

Re: He6678 observations of delta Sco

Dear colleagues, because of the successful cooperations in the past at 28 Tau, pi Aqr, zeta Tau, gam Cas, I would like to continue with you observations of
Apr 3
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