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749Special K Group Announcement

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  • Meilena
    Dec 16, 2009
      Dear SpecialK for Brides Group Members,

      This group will be closing on December 22, 2009… but the Challenge continues!
      We want you to be successful in achieving your weight loss goals, and realize
      that peer support is an essential part of the journey.

      Please take a moment to visit www.specialk.com and check out other weight
      management communities. Those of you who are active on Facebook can also add
      your success stories to the Victory Chain on SpecialK's Facebook page:
      There are also a variety of vibrant weight-management support communities right
      here on Y! Groups. You can always do a search at http://groups.yahoo.com to
      find a group that's just right for your needs.

      Thank you all for the ongoing encouragement and tips you've shared along the
      way. Your contributions and sharing of personal experiences have certainly
      helped others maintain the motivation to achieve weight loss goals, and we wish
      you success in continuing the path toward a healthier you!

      Moderator, SpecialK Group for Brides