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6Welcome SPCC Curlers!

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  • NMarriott@sjm.com
    Jan 15 1:18 PM
      Hi everyone!

      First, I thought I would wait a day or so before sending out this intro
      e-mail to everyone. I sent out an invitation to about 600+ of our SPCC
      members asking them to join our SPCC e-mail list. I had an option of simply
      adding all 600 people, but felt that would be somewhat of an intrusion of
      peoples privacy and use of their e-mail addresses. And besides that, the
      Board of Directors decided we should go the "invite route" as well.

      As of last count, 71 of about 600 members have accepted this invitation -
      with more and more trickling in each hour. Hopefully we can convince that
      majority of our curling members to join up.

      So, what is an e-mail list? Many of you probably already know when Brent
      Thompson sent out the first e-mail to everyone looking for a female (to curl
      in the Winter Carnival I should add!). When you send out an e-mail to
      spcurl@yahoogroups.com it is automatically distributed to each and every
      member who belongs to this e-mail group. So, each of the 71 people received
      this notification. Some people receive that notice immediately - others
      will get a "bundled e-mail" at the end of the day. Still others have
      elected to JOIN the list, but will read the messages on the web. All emails
      from this list will start with a [spcc] in the subject line so you can
      quickly identify that they came from here.

      How should I use this list? Apart from "feel free to type what you want" -
      we are requesting that you post your messages on topics that either relate
      to curling itself, or our St. Paul Curling Club. Your messages once sent
      should appear within the minute. Do NOT resend messages if they do not
      appear right away. Sometimes YAHOO.COM gets really busy and the messages
      are a little slower to get sent out.

      REFRAIN from forward or posting the following:

      * Jokes
      * Chain Letters
      * Messages which could be consider "inflammatory" to others
      * SPAM of any sort
      * For sale, or other non curling topics (except For Sale items that
      are curling related - ie brooms, etc)
      * Offenders will be warned privately, and then removed from the list
      if repeated

      Do post messages that:

      * Are curling related
      * Looking for subs, bonspiel players, teams, or any club related
      * Answers curling related questions that some of our newer members may
      * Asking curling related questions that some of our more seasoned
      members can answer

      Should you be worried about getting spam, or a virus from this e-mail list?
      No, I have configured the e-mail list through YAHOO.COM to remove all or any
      file attachments. E-mails that you receive will be TEXT ONLY. This even
      includes GIF, JPG, DOC, or HTML file attachments. They will be removed from
      your e-mail. If you have a file that you want us to see, to go to:


      and upload your file there. Once the file has been uploaded, the system
      will notify everyone.

      Only MEMBERS of the SPCC can join this e-mail group by invitation, or via a
      sign-up form located in the Members Only area of our SPCC website. All new
      requests for joining this email group are verified against our membership
      list. Thus, no spam e-mails are possible - unless one of our members
      decides to get out of hand. Those people will be beaten with Art's old
      curling broom (sorry Art). If you feel you are getting TOO many e-mails,
      instead of simply UNSUBSCRIBING, go to:


      and edit your RECEIVE options to to "Special Notices Only" or "No Email will
      read on the Web". This way, you stay part of our community.

      So, start posting, people! Remember - you can post simply by sending an
      e-mail to spcurl@yahoogroups.com or replying to another members post. Yes,
      you can even reply to THIS email.

      Neil Marriott,
      Website Guy &
      E-Mail List Moderator

      This communication may contain information that is proprietary, privileged,
      confidential or legally exempt from disclosure. If you are not a named
      addressee, you are notified that you are not authorized to read, print,
      retain, copy or disseminate this communication without the consent of the
      sender and that doing so may be unlawful. If you have received this
      communication in error, please notify the sender via return e-mail and
      delete it from your computer. Thank you. St. Jude Medical, Inc.

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