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1641[SPCC] Young Choi - Looking for a team and help

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  • cyhmaha
    Sep 13, 2012
      My name is Young Choi.
      I have curled for only about a year (in both SPCC and Frogtown)
      Currently, I am a sub for any position, any night (except for Sunday night).

      Compared to those experienced curler at SPCC, I know I am still in the unhelpful newbie level.
      But I found a deep interest in curling, and I am keep finding ways to improve myself in curling.
      Of course, the kind and polite manner of curlers at the SPCC definitely helped me to find this interest (special thanks to Jim and Carol Kmiecik).

      I am actually a college student at the University of Minnesota, studying Sport Management and Political Science (International Relations). I am studying these areas for getting my career job at international sport organization such as International Olympic Committee and World Curling Federation.
      Since I found so much interest in curling, I have set my major sport to be the curling. So I would like to continue my curling life, and I am planning to do my best to reach the pro-level in this sports.

      If you have a extra spot in your team, or any info or contact that I can get some help from.

      Please let me know.
      Young Choi

      Thank you,

      Young Choi