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Challenge Yourself 5K report

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  • Matt Mahoney
    I don t yet have results of the First Annual Challenge Yourself 5K but it went something like this: Johnathan Brasch, 17:53 Brian, 19:47 Taylor, 20:04 Matt
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2010
      I don't yet have results of the First Annual Challenge Yourself 5K but it went something like this:

      Johnathan Brasch, 17:53
      Brian, 19:47
      Taylor, 20:04
      Matt Mahoney, 20:09
      Pedro Toledo, 20:10
      Ryan, 22:06
      Sue O'Malley, 21:00, first female

      The race was 7 laps on a 6 foot wide asphalt path at Rotary Park in Merritt Island. Here is a map

      I didn't pick up the first couple of loops with my GPS but gmaps-pedometer.com says it's 3.129 miles. The problem is it takes a few minutes to acquire the satellites. I turned it on in the pavilion just before the start as I was making a last minute bathroom break. I was still there when they said "go" and I lost a few seconds running to the start. I quickly caught up to Pedro, who was trailing behind a pack of 4 teenagers in the lead. I don't have the full names because they originally were not going to record any results and the race director, Hernan Garcia, was only writing down first names. There was no finish clock or awards. We did not wear race numbers, but we did get a T-shirt, and there was lots of good food and door prizes afterward. There were about 100 or 150 runners and walkers. The weather just before the start was 76 F and sunny with a dewpoint of 73 F.

      By the second lap I was already working my way through crowds of walkers that were only 1/4 of the way around the first lap, having to run on the grass next to the track. Meanwhile the 3 other kids that thought they could stay with Johnathan started getting spit out the back. I stayed with Pedro through lap 3 when he started to open a 1-2 second gap. I figured it would end that way but with 50 yards to go I found a kick and beat him by a step. I was surprised because he usually beats me by about 10 seconds per mile. However I did beat him in the marathon last week.

      Sue O'Malley easily won the women's division. She will be 50 next month. I learned that she had run in the first Olympic trials marathon that was open to women. That was where Joan Benoit-Samuelson, her roommate, won.

      My legs feel like they have recovered from last week. My taper had gone like this:

      Sat. bike 18 miles, run Sportsfest 5K in 19:49 and marked the Wickham Park course.
      Sun. 50 miles at Wickham Park in 12:16 with a 5:14 marathon split. (Pedro ran 5:46).
      Mon. 3 laps (3.25 miles each) in the morning (first lap barefoot) and walked 2 laps in the afternoon to pull markers.
      Tues. 1 lap in the morning (34 minutes while taking pictures of Joe Ninke) and 1 easy PM lap.
      Wed. 2 laps in 1:17 in the morning with Joe and 5 miles easy in the evening (pacing Joe through miles 195-200).
      Thurs. off.
      Fri. walk 3 miles, lift weights (upper body only)
      Sat. 5K.
      Sun. (tomorrow) Pineappleman triathlon.

      I had been eating extra protein all through last week to help recover. The worst was my third lap on Monday. I went from a strong first lap to a death march. But then my legs felt progressively better each day.

      Also, sharp eyed observers will note that my marathon split on Sunday exactly matched Will Glover's time. This was not an agreement to tie. He came from behind when we hit the pavement with 200 yards to go and discovered we were both on lap 7. I picked it up a bit and he stayed with me. I picked it up some more, and more, until it became an all out sprint to the finish.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...
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