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Update: 5/23/2008 - mr. Gnome + Raconteurs + Local H + Goldfrapp + Sun Kil Moon + The Ruby Suns + more

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  • Jeremy L. Hart
    WHAT S NEW ON SPACE CITY ROCK (as of 5/23/2008): [Sorry for the delay, y all -- Space City Rock HQ has officially moved (same P.O. Box as before, mind you) &
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      Update: 5/23/2008 - mr. Gnome + Raconteurs + Local H + Gol
      WHAT'S NEW ON SPACE CITY ROCK (as of 5/23/2008):
      [Sorry for the delay, y'all -- Space City Rock HQ has officially moved (same P.O. Box as before, mind you) & is back up and running...]

      * New Beck Track, "Chemtrails"
      * You Will Remember Tonight (er, July 5th, @ Keene St.!)
      * Zine Fest Houston/SHFL Auction, This (Secret) Saturday, Yo
      * Free for You & Me: Something Fierce/Indian Jewelry/BRMC(?)
      * Things We Learned in the Move
      * Tonight's Dilemma: mr. Gnome @ Rudz / Papermoons & Bright Men @ The Mink / Dizzypilot & Murdocks @ Walter's
      * The Will (to Live) Is Gone...
      * Good Things, Tonight: Palestinian Hip-Hop + Art Cars + More
      * Not Dead, Just Relocated
      * And Sig's, Too! (And an Early Warning: Tiki Hotrod Art, May 12th!)
      * Record Store Day @ Cactus + Not-So-Secret Judas Bear Show Today!
      * Update: The Ruby Suns (Tonight!) + Sun Kil Moon + Raconteurs + Goldfrapp + Epochs + More
      * Holy Crap, This Weekend Rules: Westheimer Block Party, KTRU Outdoor Show, & Indie Books
      * A Very Cool Film, Tonight @ Avant Garden

      * mr. Gnome, Deliver This Creature (El Marko)
      * Local H, 12 Angry Months (Shout! Factory)
      * Drag the River, You Can't Live This Way (Suburban Home)
      * Sera Cahoone, Only as the Day Is Long (Sub Pop)
      * The Ruby Suns, Sea Lion (Sub Pop)
      * Sun Kil Moon, April (Caldo Verde)
      * La Brea, La Brea (self-released)
      * Casy and Brian, Catbees (Pish Posh of North America)
      * All Teeth and Knuckles, Club Hits to Hit the Clubs With (Lujo)
      * The Raconteurs, Consolers of the Lonely (Warner Bros.)
      * Goldfrapp, Seventh Tree (Mute)
      * Worrytrain, Destroy The Wall Street Sundial (Skean Dhu)
      * The Epochs, The Epochs (The Rebel Group)
      * First To Leave, Forging A Future (Wednesday)
      * My Milky Way Arms, My Milky Way Arms (self-released)
      * Scarpoint, The Silence We Deserve (Blind Prophecy)
      * The Set of Red Things, Who Touches Pitch Defiles Herself (self-released)
      * A Step Behind, This is what we've become (self-released)
      * The Johnbenders, The Johnbenders (self-released)
      * Vopat, Sometimes It Will (The Inam Doctrine)
      * ZibraZibra, 777 (Royalty Etc.)
      * Danger Radio, Punch Your Lights Out (Photo Finish)
      * Paperwork, Parts and Labor (self-released)
      * partlycloudy, Arm Your Weapons (self-released)
      * Shangoband, Wise Shepherd (Mighty Roots)

      Got plenty more on the way, esp. live reviews & such.  It's gonna be good, so check it out...

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      Houston, TX. 77254
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