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Update: 10/05/2006 - Posthumous hip-hop + sarcastic pop + more...

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  • Jeremy L. Hart
    WHAT S NEW ON SPACE CITY ROCK THIS WEEK (as of 10/5/2006): http://www.spacecityrock.com/ NEW FEATURES * Better Funk Through Technology: Del the Funky
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2006
      Update: 10/05/2006 - Posthumous hip-hop + sarcastic pop +
      WHAT'S NEW ON SPACE CITY ROCK THIS WEEK (as of 10/5/2006):

      * Better Funk Through Technology: Del the Funky Homosapien
      - These days, it sometimes seems awful damn hard to find some quality hip-hop that's not all about the Thug Life or too wrapped up in its own pretentiousness to have some fun.  Luckily, there's always Del the Funky Homosapien around to mix things up...
      [Del the Funky Homosapien plays Saturday, October 7th, at Warehouse Live, along with Mike Relm, Motion Man, and Bukue One.]

      * The World Is Collapsing Around Our Ears: OK Go Plays Us Out
      - What's it like when your very talented pop-rock band gets picked on for their stellar fashion sense, gets tagged as bubblegum despite your bleak lyrics, and features a lead singer who gets pegged as one of the cutest boys in America?  SCR's Marc Hirsh finds out...
      [OK Go plays at Buzzfest Sunday, October 8th, at The Woodlands Pavilion, along with Alice in Chains, Lost Prophets, Avenged Sevenfold, The Panic Channel, & a ton of other bands.]
      http://www.spacecityrock.com/features/okgo1.shtml >

      * Live: Kings Of Leon/The Stills/Satin Hooks
      - How do you fill a fairly big venue in Houston on a weeknight when you've got two moderately-known, very hip bands playing?  Why, you give the tickets away for free, of course, with the added promise of free smokes once you get inside...

      * Live: Sinews (+ Some Other People)
      - And sometimes things just don't work out the way you think they will, but it ends up not mattering, because you stumble onto something cool that you never knew existed.  Like, say, Houston rock newcomers Sinews...

      * White Whale, WWI (Merge)
      * Samiam, Whatever's Got You Down (Hopeless)
      * Motor, Klunk (novamute)
      * The Wiggins, Greatest Apes EP (Girlgang)
      * Comets on Fire, Avatar (Sub Pop)
      * J Dilla, The Shining (BBE/World's Fair)
      * Ladyhawk, Ladyhawk (Jagjaguwar)
      * Millionaire, Paradisiac (PIAS)
      * Organ Failure, All Over (self-released)
      * Cale Parks, Illuminated Manuscript (Polyvinyl)
      * Pretty Flowers, Pretty Flowers (Bananaseat)
      * Riverboat Gamblers, To the Confusion of Our Enemies (Volcom)
      * ((sounder)), There is another sun clouded over with meticulous care (Volcom)
      * Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers, Welcome to Carcass Cuntry (Fractured Transmitter)

      Keep your eyes open later this month, 'cause we've got a bunch of stuff to get up there real soon; 'til then...

      The Staff
      Space City Rock
      P.O. Box 541010
      Houston, TX. 77254
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