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Want to see Taking Back Sunday?

Hey, all -- sorry, meant to email about this sooner but blanked on it... :( SCR's got 2 pairs of tickets to next Monday's (7/4) Taking Back Sunday show here
Jul 1, 2011

Call to Action: Please help save legendary Houston radio station KTR

Hey, all -- first off, apologies for the mass email out of the blue; I know it's been a very long time since I've talked to some folks on this list, and some
Jeremy L. Hart
Aug 21, 2010

Meet the new SCR, kinda-sorta like the old site...

Hey, folks -- it's been a little while since you've heard from yours truly, I realize... Sorry about that, but things have been a little crazy over in Space
Jeremy Hart
May 27, 2010

[SCR Blog] Free Press Summerfest Schedule + New Headliner Announced

Not sure if this'll go up before the Blogger cutoff, but hey, it's worth a shot... Earlier today the Free Press Houston gang pulled back the curtain and
May 1, 2010

[SCR Blog] Yr. Weekend: Lost In Space + The Gary + Western Civ + Dee

Before I sign off for a bit, though, I wanted to hit some weekend highlights -- and yeah, there're quite a few, so I'm afraid I'm going to just have to list
Apr 30, 2010

[SCR Blog] It Might Get a Little Quiet Over Here, Y'all...

...but don't worry -- that doesn't mean that SCR is dead, by any means. It does mean, however, that things are going to be changing fairly drastically in the
Apr 30, 2010

[SCR Blog] Free Press News, About to Break...

Y'know, I'm already pretty blown away by the lineup for this year's Free Press Summerfest (coming up in just over a month, June 5-6) -- I mean, they've already
Apr 30, 2010

[SCR Blog] Send Yr Favorite Locals to Bonnaroo!: Fiesta Movement Bat

Another one I'm woefully behind on mentioning here, I'm afraid... There's a Battle of the Bands show going on tomorrow at the Warehouse Live, sponsored by this
Apr 30, 2010

[SCR Blog] Lost In Space Returns, Tomorrow Night

Meant to talk about this in detail long before now, but other stuff's been pressing down on me (some of which you'll hopefully be able to see the fruits of
Apr 29, 2010

[SCR Blog] Tonight/Tomorrow: Coheed and Cambria + Awesome Color + Me

Some cool, good, intriguing, and otherwise neat shows going on over the next couple of days, and I'm determined to not let 'em fall through the cracks (like,
Apr 27, 2010

[SCR Blog] Tonight: Steve Martin(!) in Stafford + Buxton + Robert El

Holy crap, I cannot believe I (well, nearly) forgot about this. Yes, Steve Martin, that Steve Martin, a man best known for his comedic work but who dabbles in
Apr 26, 2010

[SCR Blog] Last-Minute Show + Some Bad News: Resonant Interval, Righ

Argh. Spent the day mostly blissfully disconnected from all things Internet-like, so I'm only seeing this now... Turns out that there's a surprise Resonant
Apr 25, 2010

[SCR Blog] Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Like Trains & Taxis + Trout Fishing +

Last day of the weekend coming up fast, Sunday, April 25th, and while it's not quite as insane as the past couple of days, there's still plenty going on --
Apr 24, 2010

[SCR Blog] Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: George Clinton + Suspects + Sharks an

Gotta keep this somewhat short, as an impatient midget is currently demanding I go with her on a bike ride through the 'hood, but there's a ton going on
Apr 24, 2010

[SCR Blog] Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Beach House (Reviewed!/Sold Out!) + S

Damn, damn, damn. Well, I did have this grand plan of getting a bit of an early jump on the week's/weekend's shows, but sadly, other stuff intervened. And now,
Apr 23, 2010
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