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[space-modelers] Re: Which Shuttles (Formerly OT: Pathfinder history)

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  • Edd Pflum
    Justin Wigg writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 1999
      Justin Wigg writes:
      << I want to build OV-101 as one of the six orbiter kits I'm planning (one
      for each of the orbiters) but am not sure which era to epresent it.>>
      Interesting question! This is my take:
      * Enterprise as during the early glide tests with the white, rather than
      black, areas around the cockpit windows. I would probably model it with the
      tail fairing in landing config. or on the 747.
      * Columbia as on STS-1 with the white painted ET. Second choice would be
      STS-61C with the pod on the fin.
      * Challenger as on her last flight as a stack.
      * Discovery in orbit.
      * Atlantis in landing config with weathering (reentry effects).
      * Endeavor as the latest orbiter, in the current config as a stack, with
      the drag chute and latest markings.


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