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[space-modelers] repeat of Airifx recent issue round-up [WAS Sprue Brothers etc]

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  • Mat Irvine
    I initially posted this 4th April, but as some may not have seen it and questions are still being asked - here it is again... ... As it seems that all three of
    Message 1 of 6 , May 1, 2011
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      I initially posted this 4th April, but as some may not have seen it and
      questions are still being asked - here it is again...


      As it seems that all three of the latest batch of Airfix reissued /
      modified space launchers are at least potentially available, I thought I
      would do a round-up of what you get - and why. Some of this has been
      discussed before, but this is an attempt to at least get it all in one

      Note all three boxes have brand new artwork done by Mike Trim, (who used
      to do artwork/designs for various Gerry Anderson series).


      Much discussed, and yes you do get all the new Apollo parts as well as
      the new Skylab workshop/shroud - eight brand new parts. The Apollo parts
      are there as the newly-tooled original shaped rectangular base is on the
      same runner, and it was obviously decided it wasn't worth removing the
      parts that technically aren't needed. You also still get the S-IVB
      stage, so you could build both versions, though you don't get the all
      the decals. This sheet has been made especially for the Skylab launcher,
      so there are only the markings for the S-IC and S-II stages - plus the
      'wrap' for Skylab workshop. (Mind you the only missing decals are really
      only the tiny ones for the SM.)

      There is this error with the black paint instructions for the S-IC stage
      - it should not go over the corrugated section, it should stop at the
      lower edge of the corrugations. (The box-art is correct.) It was
      unfortunately caused by an aberration generated in the pdf file and
      wasn't realised until too late. It should be corrected in any later
      printings. (And the 'Kennedy Space Centre' should be corrected as well!)

      SATURN IB.

      This has the new Apollo stages as done for the V. All the original
      Apollo parts have been removed - and it looks as if the tooling has been
      modified, so you won't get the original version ever again! Oddly one
      part, the original engine plate for the SM bell, is still there, but I
      think this is an error - the runner looks as if it should have been
      blanked off to remove it, but some plastic has leaked in! (Consequently
      it may get 'corrected' in later passes?)

      You still get the Lunar Module but (and OK we've been through this
      before) I note in the plans that this wasn't carried by a Saturn IB -
      certainly not *this* version of a Saturn IB - it is only there 'for
      comparison with the rest of the Apollo craft'! (Note - in these plans,
      you do get the correct, 'Kennedy Space Center'.)

      The decal sheet is newly done, and has correct Apollo markings. Camera
      target etc have been added. You now get both black and white fin
      numbers. The name plate is also far better looking, thanks to Jonathan
      Mock's graphic design.


      No tooling changes have been made, so sorry you don't get corrected
      boosters. (I tried, honest guv..) The only actual 'brand new' part is
      the newly-tooled original shaped base, (literally cut from the Apollo

      The build is now for *Luna*, Vostok and Soyuz, not Sputnik. (However you
      can do a quick'n'dirty conversion to Sputnik using existing parts - as I
      did for Issue 5 of AMW.) Decals are now just a nameplate for the base,
      reading 'Luna', 'Vostok' and 'Soyuz' in either Roman or Cyrillic

      Plan changes are mostly down to the colours - and the now seemingly
      generally accepted 'grey' (um, 'gray') for the exterior finish. The
      paint instructions - in colour - still actually come up looking
      'greenish', but the paint key indicates "Humbrol #27 - Matt Sea Grey"
      and anyway only goes to emphasise what a problem it is trying to get
      this colour correct!

      There is also an explanation about the 'white' finish, ie it's the
      frost, and a separate diagram to show this - as the box-art also shows.

      The box features a 'Vostok 50th Anniversary' sticker, but this IS a
      sticker, so likely won't be on boxes issued in the future.

      I suspect there will still be queries - but at least I've tried.... :-)

      PS The Airfix Shuttle is due for reissue later this year, new box-art by
      Mike again, but no tooling changes. Again I tried....


      Mat Irvine


      ...let's be careful out there...
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