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Re: [space-modelers] AMT Man in Space 5-set

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  • Mat Irvine
    In message , aphyle2003 writes ... That s eBay for you! I think it s all down to luck - and your view is going to
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 1, 2005
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      In message <dk6flf+ukvi@...>, aphyle2003 <ebpyle@...>
      >I recently saw two AMT first editions (the one with the diorama re:M.
      >Irvine's book) of the Man In Space five-model set on eBay. One went
      >for $20, the other for >$120. Both appeared to be MISB, and had
      >identical conditions. What speculation can be offered for the
      >difference? I have one of these sets, and my wife would love for me
      >to not open it!

      That's eBay for you!

      I think it's all down to luck - and your view is going to be tempered
      whether you are buying or selling...


      MAT IRVINE <mat@...>

      "Ten years in the making.." (let's not exaggerate, only nine..)
      my space book - 'Creating Space' - is now OUT.

    • tomac1947@aol.com
      In a message dated 11/1/2005 7:27:06 AM Eastern Standard Time, ... got ... that ... can ... theory ... words ... good ... in ... Tell Me about it! I ve just
      Message 2 of 5 , Nov 1, 2005
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        In a message dated 11/1/2005 7:27:06 AM Eastern Standard Time,
        space-modelers@yahoogroups.com writes:
        > A lot of it boils down to luck. One could have been in the category that
        > the most notice. The other could have been buried in an auction category
        > didn't get as much notice. The way the title and descriptions are worded
        > have a lot to do with it as well and even typos can cause problems. So in a
        > sense, one probably got all the notice when the other didn't. That's my
        > anyway. There are other factors that can determine whether an item on eBay
        > goes for a lot or not, but they are too numerous to list here.
        > When I do my eBay searches, I typically don't hunt in a specific category
        > since stuff can be listed all over the place. Keyword searches for common
        > in the title can work also and even common misspellings. I've gotten some
        > bargains as a result. At the same time too, when I sell something I try to
        > give a very thorough description with lots of potential keywords to bring
        > buyers searching in a similar manner.
        Tell Me about it! I've just recently scored some fairly rare and definately
        obscure kits by checking out misspellings. For instance, I scored a Greenbank
        Castle Ryan Mailplane (okay, I know its not space-related) for under $30
        because the seller sold it as a "Grenback" model. There were only about 5,000 of
        these models made in the early 1970s before folding up and this is my second. A
        couple of years ago, I saw one go on eBay for over $500.00.
        Every once in a while I torture myself by looking under "Grail Plastic
        Model". Stuff that shows up with those words is usually fairly rare and almost
        always expensive (at least to me).
        "If ye love wealth better than liberty ... servitude better than ... freedom,
        go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsel or your arms ... May your
        chains set lightly upon you. May posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

        - Samuel Adams

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