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Fwd: [IPSM] what Kevin Annett did to Harriet Nahanee

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    ... Macdonald Stainsby Date: Mar 9, 2007 1:17 PM Subject: [IPSM] what Kevin Annett did to Harriet Nahanee
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      Dear ipsm-l list: This is what Kevin Annett has done to Harriet Nahanee, I
      have been asked to provide you with this info and ask also that any who have
      been taken in by Annett forward this as well, and I urge people to attempt
      to get CKUT to reconsider whether or not this high priest deserves to be
      anywhere near the radio station in any form audio, physical, whatever.


      -- Annett is at it again. I have been in touch with some folks from Ireland
      who had been taken in by him but now his visit has been canclled. Please
      circulate the following to your lists.



      I was at Harriet's funeral and didn't see Rev Kevin there. Harriet was my
      dear friend and this gross insult to her memory and work, along with using
      her images without her permission, will not be allowed to stand.

      Jim Craven/Omahkohkiaayo I'poyi

      Blackfoot Nation

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      2004 7:41 PM To: 'afenton@... <mailto:%27afenton%40riseup.net> '
      Subject: FW: "at a time when they were considered savages"

      -----Original Message----- From: Craven, Jim Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003
      4:35 PM To: 'James Tomlinson' Subject: FW: "at a time when they were
      considered savages"

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      <mailto:lnp3%40panix.com> ] Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 11:46 AM To:
      Craven, Jim Subject: "at a time when they were considered savages"

      Dear Dr. Hasart:

      I am writing on the matter of Prof. Jim Craven's internet correspondence
      relating to the Tribunal on Indian Residential Schools held here in
      Vancouver, British Columbia, in June 98.

      Since the Tribunal, where I first met Prof. Craven, I have followed this
      matter with interest and have received much of the related E-mail material.
      With others, I have been assisting Prof. Craven to deal with the fraud and
      further victimization which has been taking place, both during and after the
      Tribunal. I very much respect Prof. Craven's integrity, courage, dedication,
      and his considerable skills in handling extremely important and sensitive

      As I live in Vancouver, B.C. and have connections here, both Indian and
      non-Indian, involved in the Indian rights struggle, I was able to make some
      connections for Prof. Craven. He has visited Vancouver B.C. several times
      since June to further investigate the matters he has been writing about and
      we have been in frequent communication.

      I myself am a trained human rights worker and trained social worker (MSW,
      McGill University) with over 30 years experience of cross-cultural family
      and social justice issues. I have worked in Asia for 10 years with
      International Social Service, a Geneva-based NGO, and worked for 10 years in
      British Columbia with NGO's in the field of minority rights.

      Although Kevin Annett has gained media attention, being articulate and with
      dramatic stories, there is no doubt in my mind that he has been using
      survivors of the residential school system for his own purposes, and using
      their recorded testimonies to publish articles about them without their
      permission. I have seen enough untruths in Kevin Annett's own E-Mail
      writings to indicate outright deception, or someone who is seriously out of
      reality. I have also seen evidence and heard reports of his controlling and
      domineering behavior towards Indians which is really another unacceptable
      form of abuse. I can also say, to the best of my knowledge of the Indian
      community in Vancouver, that he does not speak for any group nor does he
      have support from any organization or individuals since he has betrayed the
      trust which people had given him. In other words, he does not have
      credibility where it counts.

      Therefore, I believe Prof. Craven is doing a service to the Indian
      Residential School survivors in B.C. by his exposure of Annett's doings.
      These people do not have access to E-Mail, many are not highly educated, and
      they lack the means to defend themselves when the matter enters the
      "high-tech" arena. It is to Prof. Craven's credit that he has taken on this
      issue, following through on his responsibility as a Tribunal Judge. I
      believe his sense of outrage at what has been happening is entirely

      We have seen examples before in British Columbia and in Canada of what is
      called "expropriation of voice" by white academics and consultants who get
      involved in Indian justice issues and end up taking over, usually for some
      personal gain either material or psychological. In any human rights or
      victim advocacy work it is a basic rule that the primary subjects, their
      perceptions and their privacy must be given utmost respect and one cannot
      take seriously anyone working in these matters who fails to do so.

      I therefore commend Prof. Craven for this important work, which very few
      people would be able or willing to take on. He is certainly an exceptional
      person. Through his efforts, the Residential School survivors habe been
      greatly encouraged to stand up for themselves and I understand they are now
      taking legal counsel to deal with Annett. Prof. Craven's intervention has
      certainly been valuable and I know of people who are impressed.

      If you wish to have any further information please contact me at phone

      (604) 432-9017 or at tkage@... <mailto:tkage%40axionet.com>

      Diane Kage, MSW (Retired)

      On the same matter as above I am also transmitting statements dictated to me
      by Kitty Bell Sparrow and by Harriet Nahane, both are unable to access fax
      or internet.


      I have spent over 50 years in activism on behalf of Indian people in British
      Columbia, USA and internationally. I am the third generation in a family of
      pioneer activists which goes back to the last century, a time when Indians
      here had no rights. My father was Thomas Hurley, the first lawyer in B.C. to
      defend Indians in court, at a time when they were considered savages.

      From my father, mother and grandmother I have learned and been strictly
      taught that any non-Indian working with Indian people must not be in the
      forefront and must in all circumstances take direction from Indians
      themselves. Non-Indian people must listen and not formulate their own
      perspectives on behalf of Indians. I have always sought to adhere to these
      basic principles in all my work. I am the founder and was editor of Indian
      voice, an internationally known paper from 1967 to 1980, and I trained many
      Native journalists and writers. This paper covered the Leonard Peltier
      trials in depth, including the extradition hearings in Canada. For 25 years
      I have been the senior reporter to the Indian Homemakers Association which
      gave voice to Indian Women on reserves. I have acted as liason to Indian
      prisoners for many years and assisted Deno Butler in gaining recognition for
      Indian spiritual practices in prisons in Canada. I am an elder of the
      Musqueum Nation through marriage to my late husband John Sparrow.

      Although I am now blind, I still receive calls and visits from Indian people
      from all over North America and I still attend and testify on many court
      cases here in B.C. on Indian rights issues. I had received information about
      the Tribunal on Indian Residential Schools from several persons and I had
      the opportunity to meet with Jim Craven on one of his visits to Vancouver
      B.C. He has consulted with me on matters related to the Tribunal. I know
      about the fraud which was carried out by persons involved with the Tribunal,
      including Kevin Annett. Unfortunately he fits the profile of so many others
      who seek to take advantage of the trust of Indian people, building their own
      careers on Indian's suffering. If, in the Black Civil Rights Movement in the
      United States, a white person had presumed to speak for leaders such as
      Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, it would not have been acceptable to the
      black people. Indian people feel the same way here.

      I concur with the work being done by Jim Craven to expose Kevin Annett. I
      immediately recognized Jim Craven as an exceptionally able and honourable
      person who is doing the right thing. If you require any further information
      please contact me by phone at (604) 980-7680

      Kitty Bell Sparrow --------

      I was Convener of the Tribunal on Residential Schools which took place in
      Vancouver B.C. in June of this year. I worked together with Kevin Annett
      whom I have been associated with for several years. As a Residential School
      survivor this Tribunal was very important to me. It was my hope that some
      justice could be won for our people. There is a federal government Healing
      Fund of $350 million for healing of survivors but none of it has gone to the
      survivors themselves. I put a lot of effort into the preparation of the
      Tribunal and it was through my relationship with Jack Bell, a wealthy
      Benefactor, that the Tribunal was able to secure special terms for the
      rental of the hall at the Maritime Labor Centre.

      During the Tribunal a number of things went seriously wrong. Decisions and
      procedures which had been decided together were suddenly changed without my
      participation, funds were misappropriated, the privacy of witnesses giving
      closed testimony was compromised, and some of the judges appointed by Kevin
      Annett and Rudy James turned out to be without credentials. Many people were
      upset and angry. Jim Craven saw what was going on and has attempted to set
      things right. I have serious grievances with Kevin Annett because of his
      actions during and after the Tribunal which showed that he had an agenda
      other than that which had been presented at first. I feel used by him and
      information about my experiences at residential school have been given for
      publication by him without my consent.

      I am President of the Western Canada Leonard Peltier Defence Fund and
      District Vice-President of the Indian Homemakers Association in North
      Vancouver. I belong to the Pacheeda Nation and carry the name of Tsibeot who
      was the Grand chief of Pacheeda. I also run the Sacred Duty Institute and I
      teach hereditary chiefs their traditional roles. I feel very strongly that
      nobody has the right to speak for others but white people always speak for
      us and think they know better than us. They consider us as helpless children
      to work on behalf of.

      Most of us who survived the Residential Schools and have been involved in
      court cases in Port Alberni suing the United Church and the government of
      Canada, we are not on the internet. Jim Craven has taken a lot of trouble to
      inform us about these discussions on internet, to listen to us carefuly and
      speak our thoughts the way we would like. We would like him to continue. If
      you need further information on any of these matters please contact me by
      phone at (604) 985-5817.

      Rosetta Stone (Harriet Nahanee)

      -----Original Message----- From: John Shafer [mailto:wy430@...
      <mailto:wy430%40victoria.tc.ca> ] Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 11:04 PM
      To: Craven, Jim Subject: FW: Harriet Nahanee Remembered (fwd)

      A powerful story......Remembering Harriett Nahanee - Reclaiming our Sacred
      Space and holding the Criminals Accountable by Kevin Annett/EagleStrongVoice
      found at www.hiddenfromhistory.org

      From: "Bluejay Pierce" <bluejay@...
      <mailto:bluejay%403riversdbs.net> > To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;> Subject:
      [six_nations_info] about Elder, Harriet Nahanee Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007
      18:15:28 -0700


      Aboriginal activists and concerned non-indigenous citizens demand answers
      regarding the death of Harriet Nahanee as a direct result of her
      incarceration On February 24, 2007 Aboriginal Elder Harriet Nahanee passed
      away, exactly one month after she was sent to jail on January 24, 2007.
      Madame Justice Brenda Brown sentenced Mrs. Nahanee, age 72, to fourteen days
      incarceration for contempt of court in is obeying the Eagle Ridge Bluff
      injunction. While in jail under unacceptable conditions at Surrey re-Trial
      Center, where she was held in a cell with tens of other inmates and subject
      to racist treatment, Harriet Nahanee contracted pneumonia. She was
      hospitalized within a week of her release from custody and passed away
      within a week of that. Aboriginal activists and non-indigenous concerned
      citizens demand a public inquiry into Harriet

      Nahanee's death as a direct result of her incarceration. These are the
      questions we want answered:

      1) Why was Aboriginal elder Harriet Nahanee sent to jail despite clear
      direction from the Supreme Court of Canada that imprisonment should be the
      last remedy for Aboriginal persons?

      2) Why did Madame Justice Brown fail to take Mrs. Nahanee's frail health
      into consideration?

      3) Why did Madame Justice Brown refuse to hear Mrs. Nahanee's Aboriginal
      sovereignty defense?

      4) Why was Mrs. Nahanee incarcerated at Surrey Pre-Trial Center, under such
      inappropriate Conditions?

      A public inquiry will have to determine why Madame Justice Brown refused to
      hear Mrs. Nahanee's Aboriginal sovereignty defense and incarcerated her,
      whereas all non-Aboriginal defenders of Eagle Ridge Bluff charged with the
      same offense were given either fines or community service. Such an inquiry
      will also have to address Madame Justice Brown refusal to exercise her
      discretionary powers in considering other sentencing options or ordering
      medical check up before incarcerating a great-grandmother. Madame Justice
      Brown was made aware of elder Harriet Nahanee's health condition, including
      her asthma and recent influenza before sentencing. Madame Justice Brown is
      also set to sentence, fellow activist and elder, Betty Krawczyk, 78, on
      Monday, March 5, 2006 for her involvement in the Eagle Ridge Bluff Protests.
      Crown Counsel is asking for 9-15 months of incarceration for Mrs. Krawczyk
      for her opposition to the expansion of the Sea to Sky Highway, paving the
      way to the

      2010 Olympic! s.

      The Crown and the courts also have to answer the underlying question: why
      are 2 respected elders and women over seventy years of age being prosecuted
      for protecting the environment and sent to jail for defending the land?
      There can be no justification for the incarceration and resulting death of
      esteemed Aboriginal elder Harriet Nahanee, a strong voice for her people at
      a time when many are afraid to speak out in the light of criminalize of

      Harriet Nahanee was a part of many struggles, firstly for the recognition of
      Aboriginal land rights and protecting the environment and also fighting
      against discrimination, marginalizatio marginalization and
      institutionalization of Aboriginal people in the cities, especially
      Aboriginal women in Vancouver's Eastside. She was a vital member of so many
      movements and activist communities, a role model for many and will be deeply
      missed. The loss is aggravated by the fact, that she passed away as a direct
      result of her incarceration, starting January 24,

      2007, in Surrey Pre-Trial where she contracted pneumonia. A service was held
      at the Squamish Recreation Center on February 28 with hundreds of people in
      attendance mourning the passing of their mother, grandmother,
      great-grandmother, fellow activists, friend and role model. FOR MORE

      (604) 253-1020


      six_nations_info mailing list six_nations_info@...

      Remembering Harriett Nahanee - Reclaiming our Sacred Space and Holding the
      Criminals Accountable

      by Kevin Annett / Eagle Strong Voice

      One of my proudest moments with Harriett Nahanee happened on a Sunday
      morning in Vancouver's downtown eastside, on November 16, 2003. On that day,
      Harriett led a score of aboriginal youth into an Anglican mass and took over
      that worship service, raising general hell among the shocked stuffed shirts
      who run St. James Anglican Church.

      At the time, it seemed that the issue that led us to occupy that church for
      awhile was the dead and disappeared children of the Indian Residential
      Schools: the 100,000 souls whose fate and remains have never been accounted
      for by either the Anglicans or the Catholics or United Church. But later, it
      became clearer to me that Harriett was really reclaiming a place stolen by
      my culture, and reasserting the sacredness of her peoples' way in the face
      of the very state religion that had tried to stamp it out.

      It all started innocuously enough. A few of us thought it was time to
      confront the churches that had run the residential schools on their own
      turf, and Harriett happened to be within earshot. And so, in her usual
      manner, she dispensed with debate and took direct action: she began walking
      up and down east hastings street on that Sunday morning, collecting our
      people in the ones and twos. Soon, we were a small army: uncertain, wary of
      what might happen, but led by Harriett's firm steps.

      It's great when you catch the Beast napping, and occasionally you can
      surprise It by doing the unexpected. Unlike nowadays, there were no security
      guards at the door of St. James Anglican Church that morning, and the twenty
      six of us poured into the sanctuary in the midst of the morning mass.
      Fanning out into the throng of hymn singers, our group instinctively headed
      to the front of the church, where two robed priests were so engrossed in
      leading their multitude that they didn't seem to notice the bunch of scruffy
      Indians and assorted poor folks who took up position around the pulpit and
      communion table.

      They were completely shocked. One of the priests actually stood with his
      mouth open, gaping at Harriett as she approached the pulpit. His colleague
      quickly motioned to the organist to continue playing, and the confused
      congregation kept singing the same final verse over and over. The clerical
      machine started to hiss and sputter.

      I stood at the back of the church, recording all that happened, and from
      there I saw the older priest whispering something to Harriett, who kept
      shaking her head. Later, she told me that the priest had said that we could
      all go to jail for two years for disrupting their service. (That's no lie,
      either: check out Section 176 of the Criminal Code of Canada). But Harriett
      ignored the threat and literally seized the pulpit.

      Reverting to the soft cop approach, the priest announced to the congregation
      with a saccharine tone,

      "We have some new friends with us today. They have something they'd like to
      say to us."

      But no amount of patronizing could have prevented, or predicted, what came
      out of Harriett's mouth after that.

      "This is the place from where your people conquered mine, and destroyed our
      religion. So now I'm going to use this place to take back our religion and
      our land.

      "You're always telling us how we're the ones who need healing. But you're
      the people who are sick and who need healing, not us. You are the ones who
      murdered innocent children and who still refuse to say where you buried
      them. You need real healing, and we're the only people who can give it to
      you, because you tried to destroy us. But we're still here, and so I've come
      to offer you that healing."

      That kind of turning-of-the-tables was too much for the head priest, who
      quickly interrupted Harriett by declaring,

      "The Anglican Church has acknowledged the wrongs it did towards First
      Nations people and has begun a comprehensive healing program. We have
      apologized for the residential schools and have ..."

      A sudden cry arose from the back of the church, close to me:

      "How do you apologize to a corpse?" yelled one of the non-native protestors.
      "How do you say sorry to a murdered child?"

      And then all hell broke loose. A general outcry arose from the white folks
      in the pews, who began to call us all sorts of nasty names. A guy at the
      door started screaming into a cell phone,

      "Code Red! Code Red! Call the police!"

      None of that fazed Harriett. With great dignity, she stayed put in the
      pulpit and kept trying to speak. But the older priest, tired of civility,
      started shoving her away, and a few of the younger native men moved to her
      defense. Some of the others in our group kept leaning non-chalantly against
      the front altar, smiling at all the chaos.

      Suddenly, Harriett emerged from the maelstrom, gathering all of us in her
      wake, and leading our army out of the church as the insults and screams
      rained down on us. We left the building before the cop cars arrived - all
      four of them - and our triumphant throng marched down east hastings street
      together. We were elated. We had made our statement, reclaimed what had been
      stolen, and turned the tables on the criminals. And it was mostly due to

      A triumph like that can never be re-created. It's true that since then,
      we've basked in the knowledge that after our protest, the Anglicans hired a
      regular batch of security guards to monitor everyone coming into their
      churches in Vancouver. The sense of finally being noticed, of having an
      impact on the normally dead order of things, has always stayed with us since
      that beautiful day when people with so little made a powerful church become
      very afraid. And that seed will continue to grow and bear even stronger

      But what I mostly carry with me from that day is the memory of a completely
      unafraid woman, tortured as a child by the very people she offered healing
      to, and thereby showing the official Christians what Jesus really meant, and
      lived. Harriett was Christ for me that day, and Buddha, and the Great
      Spirit: the voice of truth ringing in ears clogged by corruption and babble.
      It's a voice that still speaks to me today, and to anyone who will listen.

      They haven't killed Harriett Nahanee at all. Don't believe that judicial
      murder, or pneumonia, or a cross, ever silences the just souls among us. May
      they, and may Harriett, continue to make us restless, and move us to act.

      Author's Note: You can see Harriett Nahanee in our new, award-winning
      documentary film on Genocide in Canada entitled UNREPENTANT. Information on
      this film can be found at: www.hiddenfromhistory.org .

      5 March, 2007 Occupied Coast Salish Territory

      Read and Hear the truth of Genocide in Canada, past and present, at this
      website: www.hiddenfromhistory.org ... ... and on this radio program:
      "Hidden from History", every Monday from 1-2 pm (PST) on CFRO 102.7 FM
      (www.coopradio.org) (Vancouver) Mobile Live Tour: Win a trip for four to a
      concert anywhere in the world!

      --- Macdonald Stainsby <mstainsby@... <mailto:mstainsby%40resist.ca> >

      Hi Jim, if you haven't seen it...for you.

      There is always a future.


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      Flag Taken by Native Warriors Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 18:04:18 -0800 (PST)
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      Native warriors claim responsibility for taking Olympic Flag. Action claimed
      in honour of elder-warrior Harriet Nahanee. No Olympics on Stolen Native

      -- Macdonald Stainsby http://independentmedia.ca/survivingcanada
      http://lists.econ.utah.edu/mailman/listinfo/rad-green In the contradiction
      lies the hope --Bertholt Brecht.

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      that's room service! Choose from over 150,000 hotels in 45,000 destinations
      on Yahoo! Travel to find your fit.

      -- Macdonald Stainsby http://independentmedia.ca/survivingcanada
      http://lists.econ.utah.edu/mailman/listinfo/rad-green In the contradiction
      lies the hope --Bertholt Brecht.

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