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288RE: SWSW Walks programme for November, December and January

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  • Roger Adams
    Oct 1, 2013
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      I have yet to be inundated with offers to lead walks this winter but this
      could be due to the fact that the e-mail address I gave is incorrect. My
      fingers were travelling so fast over the keyboard that that missed the "k".
      The correct address is roger@...

      I look forward to hearing from you with your offers of leading a walk.

      Best regards,

      Roger Adams
      01372 452396 / roger@...


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      From: Roger Adams [mailto:adams619@...]
      Sent: 30 September 2013 10:00
      To: southwestsurreywalkers@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: SWSW Walks programme for November, December and January

      After many months of being able to put my feet up, relax and let others get
      on with co-ordinating the walks for South West Surrey Walkers, my turn at
      co-ordination is once more looming. I am looking for people that would be
      willing to lead walks for the months of Nov., Dec., and Jan. Traditionally,
      we have two walks each month with the first Sunday being a morning only walk
      (somewhere between 5 and 7 miles) and the third Sunday being a figure of
      eight (typically 8 to 12 miles total morning and afternoon). However, more
      recently, this format has slipped due to various reasons and although it
      would be nice to retain the format, it is not essential.

      The dates requiring walk leaders are as follows:
      3 and 17 November
      1 and 15 December
      5 and 19 January

      If you would like to offer your services, can you please let me have details
      of your proposed walk asap (e-mail: roger@...). The
      information required includes starting time and place (if possible with
      postcode for those who rely on satnavs), approximate length of walk, type of
      terrain and a brief description.

      I look forward to being inundated with offers!!

      Roger Adams
      01372 452396 / roger@...
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