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The Missing Chapter 1/1

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  • quintas488
    Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. Honest. As I said on my livejournal, I m not sure how I managed to come up with this idea. My brain is often
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2003
      Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. Honest.

      As I said on my livejournal, I'm not sure how I managed to come up
      with this idea. My brain is often a strange place :-).

      Blinky the Tree Frog

      The Missing Chapter.

      Irma adjusted her dress and perched herself on the bed, watching as
      Miranda struggled into her corset. She was glad that they were alone
      now; it gave her time to express a fear that she was ashamed to
      mention in front of the others. "I'm worried," she said.

      Her companion favoured her with a look of mild amusement. "Worried
      about what? Here, do me up."

      Irma sighed and began to tie the corset. "About what you're planning
      to do tomorrow. I've been doing some research; I took some of Miss
      McGraw's books. What you might have to face is... here, look..."
      Having laced her friend up, she stood back and reached over to her
      bag to pull out an old tome of musty paper and cracked leather.

      With an air of impatience, Miranda watched her flick through the
      pages. "Honestly, Irma, you needn't be so worried. This is nothing
      I haven't faced before. Truth be told, I'm rather looking forward to
      it after being shut up in this awful school for so long."

      Irma frowned at her. "You're risking your life!"

      Miranda gave her a peculiar smile. "Oh, Irma. This is what I was
      born for. You *know* that. The council was awfully*mad* about you
      knowing that, but even they couldn't take it back."

      Irma sniffed at her, and then frowned as she found her page. "See
      here. The Broggawell demon is capable of letting out a potent,
      hallucinogenic gas that causes erratic behaviour in it's prey and
      often allows it to exert a measure of hypnotic control. It is often
      accompanied by the Willi-Willi, minor demons that travel in a cloud
      of red dust..."

      Miranda cut her off, exasperated. "Honestly Irma, I've told you.
      Miss McGraw doesn't think this *is* a Broggywell..."


      "Yes, yes, I'm certain. Just as Miss McGraw is certain that this is
      a far more minor demon. Just because it seems to share a few traits
      with a Broggawell is no proof that it *is*..."

      Irma looked worried. "But Miranda, you can't be sure! Perhaps Miss
      McGraw should wait a little longer, do a little more research..."

      "But the picnic is tomorrow! And we shan't have a chance to go back
      to the rock for simply ages after that!" Miranda leaned forward and
      clasped her friend's hands. "My dearest, I *do* appreciate your
      concern, I *do*. But Miss McGraw is my Watcher, and I am a Slayer.
      This is my duty."

      Irma stared at her friends determined eyes and sighed. "I know. I
      do worry so, though."

      "Of course you do! And I love you for it."

      "I shall come with you up the rock, you know. I may not be a Slayer,
      but I can assist, and I cannot let a friend go into such danger

      Miranda smiled at her. "I know I could not stop you. And though I
      know the Watcher's council disapproves of me having such friends as
      you and Marion and even Sarah, I am ever so grateful." She pulled
      herself up and for a few seconds the beams of light from the window
      lit up her hair and made her look almost like an angel. "After
      tomorrow, the beast that lives at Hanging Rock will be gone


      That was how Irma remembered her, after. Smiling and confidant and
      looking like an angel. She tried to remember her being on the Rock,
      she *did*. She tried to remember the day in which everything had
      gone wrong.

      The memory was gone.

      So many memories were gone when they had found her on the rock,
      scratched but intact, a week after the disappearance of Marion and
      Miranda and Miss McGraw. No memories ever came back. None of the
      others were ever seen again. She never found out what had occurred.
      And the doctors fussed over her, and the detectives asked her
      questions, but she said nothing and none of them ever found out what
      happened either.

      They told her that it was good to mourn, that it would make her feel
      better. But it was only a long time later, when she finally managed
      to penetrate the Council's and strict and unwavering security enough
      to find out that another Slayer had been called ten years ago...

      It was only then that she cried.
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